The Go To Places In Downtown Orlando, an Infographic

Did you know Lake Eola can fit up to 200 swans or that the Linton E. Allen Memorial fountain can shoot water 9 stories high into the air? If not learn more about downtown Orlando with our fun infographic.

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Downtown Orlando

By Rhett Withey Posted on April 29, 2014

Details on the City Beautiful’s Delightful Downtown!


Downtown by the numbers:

  • 43,388 – Population of Downtown Orlando
  • 33,000+ – Public, private, and metered parking spaces in Downtown
  • 41.3 – Median age of a Downtown dweller
  • 12 million – Square feet of office space in Downtown Orlando
  • 20,000+ – Seating capacity of the Amway Center
  • 40 tons – Weight of the 42-foot-tall video display at the Amway Center
  • $66,242 – Average household income of residents who live Downtown
  • 40% – Population of Downtown Orlando residents who have a college degree
  • 149,298 – People employed in Downtown Orlando
  • 1,100+ – Businesses located in Downtown


See Art Orlando recently installed 8 new sculptures throughout Downtown


The fountain located in the middle of Lake Eola is called The Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain. It was originally build in 1957 but was refurbished in 2011. It is known as the official icon of Downtown Orlando. The fountain can shoot water 9 stories into the air.

Swans have been in Orlando’s lakes since the early 20th century. In 1910, Charles Lord brought the 1st pair of swans to Orlando from England. They were placed at Lake Lucerne. Lake Eola can accommodate up to 200 swans, but to prevent crowding on shore, if they population rises above 60, the City finds new homes for the birds at the zoos. There are 5 species of swans at Lake Eola: Royal Mute, Australian Black, Whooper, Black Neck, and Trumpeter.  Did you know that you should avoid giving swans bread? It discolors their wings.

On average, July is the warmest month and January is the coldest. 18 degrees was the record low in 1894, however Orlando’s average low is 63 degrees. The average high is 83 degrees and the record high was 103 degrees in the year 1921.


Downtown’s got height!

  • 55 West – 377 feet tall
  • Bank of America Center – 409 feet tall
  • Orange County Courthouse – 416 feet tall
  • The Vue at Lake Eola – 426 feet tall
  • SunTrust Center – 441 feet tall


Ring ring! Orlando’s first telephone directory was published in 1911 when there were 498 phones.


The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts will consist of 3 different theaters:

  • The Walt Disney Theater will seat 2,700+ attendees and will be used for Broadway shows, as well as concerts and other traveling shows.
  • The Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater will seat 300+ attendees and will be a multi-purpose room ideal for theater, dance, music and education.
  • The Acoustical Theater will seat 1,700 attendees and will be used for symphonies, operas and theater/ballets.


How cow! In the early 1880s, an ordinance was passed to keep cows off the Downtown streets.


We get around: Annually, 1 million people ride throughout the Central Business District of Downtown Orlando on the free Lymmo bus service.


Orlando has a $9 billion digital media industry and Downtown Orlando will continue to serve as a hub for technological innovation.


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