The Power of Going Mobile, And Why Your Business Needs To

Consumers’ expectations for instant information gratification is at an all time high according to comedian Louis CK and other statistical findings.  As trivial as the information may be, a picture of Axel Rose or a YouTube clip of a cat jumping into a box, mobile users expect to have information readily available at their finger tips.  In fact, 61% of mobile users claim that they quickly move on to another site if they don’t find what they are looking for right away.
So how does this instant mobile gratification relate to your business? Well let’s look at the facts:

  • 68% of smartphone owners use their phones to go online on a daily basis. 28% use their mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the internet. (Pew Internet)
  • 50% of a surveyed audience claimed that even if they liked a business that the lack of a mobile-friendly site would detour them doing business with that company again. (Google Survey 2012)
  • 74% said they would return to a site if they had a mobile-friendly experience. (Google Survey 2012)
  • 61% make local searches online using their smartphone devices (Business Wire)


Is your website mobile-friendly? Well, we are a friendly bunch so why don’t you give us a shout out  and find out how we can make your site responsive for mobile.


If you’re all about customer service and how your company can relate to them, then you’ll take these numbers to heart. It’s simply putting the customer first in regards to your website. Even in our Florida advertising agency we found that most customers are simply asking to for easy access. In turn by making a few changes, you can convert an online passersby into a customer.

Like the idea of building a separate site, but don’t have the budget to create one at the moment? Here are some simple ways to enhance your existing website to make it more mobile-friendly without creating a separate mobile site:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. Mobile users are on the go and are just looking for key information like your hours of operation, contact info or social media links, not downloadable PDFs of your recent product catalogue. So simplify your content and think about the mobile user and prioritize and streamline your content to help the person on the go move quickly to a point of sale or locate your store.
  2. No pop-up windows or drop down menus please! Make your site finger friendly and decrease loading time  by simplifying your navigation tabs and browsing windows.
  3. Stay away from Java and Flash as many phones don’t support these operating systems and increases loading time. Don’t let your content go unseen or seem inaccessible to certain users.
  4. Allow users to switch between the full site version and the mobile. They may prefer to see more information beyond the paired down mobile version.

Need help making your site responsive for mobile devices? Contact us to get a free quote and more information.

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