Tips to Jumpstarting Your Business’ Holiday Marketing Efforts

Most businesses want nothing more for the holidays than a successful sales season. Getting an early jump on holiday marketing efforts is one of the best ways to ensure this happens — choosing the right Orlando marketing agency is part of that process as well.

With that in mind, let’s review some key things to know when preparing a Christmas marketing in July.

Don’t wait to start developing relationships

Whether you’re selling B2B or retail, the holiday season is a whirlwind of activity for your customers. Most of them are swamped with their own work and under siege from the marketing efforts of your competitors.

This means that businesses need to start cultivating these relationships earlier — much earlier. Engage with prospective clients in the early summer months. Build relationships. Get your CRM database up to date and ready to go.

By the time November rolls around, your marketing campaign will be a well-oiled machine.

Go against the grain

Sometimes the best holiday marketing approach is the most counterintuitive or unconventional one. Customers have become immune to the same holiday displays, symbols and messages; it’s all just background noise. To break through the usual holiday routine, spend July planning a marketing campaign that cuts against the usual grain.

REI, the famous outdoor equipment co-op, offered a brilliant example of this kind of holiday marketing a few years ago with its #OptOutside campaign, which was built around REI’s decision to close all of its locations on Black Friday. This idea, which ran counter to countless other marketing campaigns celebrating Black Friday, tapped into emerging public displeasure with the corporate-created pseudo holiday.

REI was showered with praise for giving their employees a break from Black Friday chaos — and also earned just about every major advertising and marketing award for its trouble.

Take a phased approach

Every year it’s like clockwork — businesses begin to flood the zone with holiday marketing as soon as Halloween ends. A smarter approach, however, is to build your campaigns with a phased implementation in mind.

Beginning in July, start developing a narrative that can unfold from the summer until the height of the holiday season. Use distinct stages for your messaging and promotional activity. Make it so your campaign evolves along with the buyer’s journey. Pique their interest and build awareness over the summer, then step on the gas in terms of messaging and promotion once you enter the buying season.

Choosing the right partner

Whether you’re seeking a media buying agency or brand messaging company, BIGEYE can provide the experience and expertise to craft an unforgettable holiday marketing campaign. As a leading Orlando marketing agency with deep roots in the southeastern Florida community, we have the vision — and the creative talent — to help jumpstart your holiday marketing efforts. Reach out to our team today for a free consultation!

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