Top Florida Advertising Agency Protecting Children from Predators

Mobile technology sometimes gets a bad rap from parents, who are (perhaps rightfully) concerned about over-exposure to screen time. Yet thanks to a new app developed by a Florida state law enforcement agency, mobile technology is helping to protect children from predators. It’s one more example of how smart app development — often facilitated by a top Florida advertising agency — can help organizations improve their processes.
Using technology to keep kids safe

The app, known as FDLE Mobile, was created by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It helps track sex offenders and delivers alerts straight to the phones of parents. FDLE Mobile was released just prior to Halloween — a holiday where parents tend to be especially vigilant about who’s living in the neighborhood.

By using the app, parents can identify where sex offenders live in the area — and subsequently avoid those homes, especially when trick or treating.

It’s a clever technological solution to a very real problem. While sex offender registries are publicly available, the information isn’t always easily accessible. Parents may have to scan poorly organized and non-user friendly websites to find where registered offenders live.

By creating the new app, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (the state’s top agency), has made this information instantly accessible on a mobile device, allowing parents to make more informed decisions about the places their children are allowed to go.

A well-rounded technological solution

The new app, which is available for download for both iOS and Android, also possesses a variety of other useful features. Along with searching for sex offenders and identifying their locations on a map, users can search for missing people and unsolved cases, review local laws and explore Florida crime statistics.

The app also allows citizens to report suspicious activity directly from the app to local law enforcement and keep up with the latest videos and website links from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Florida’s law enforcement community isn’t alone in their efforts; the development of mobile apps to assist with law enforcement priorities is a growing trend. Other examples include the RAIDS app, which allows the public to identify areas where recent crimes have occurred and send alerts about criminal (or suspicious) activities in those areas.

Another app, US Cop, is designed to help officers (in street roles) with their day-to-day job duties. Features include CPR tutorials, pill identifiers, case law primers, training articles, and investigation formulas. The Red Cross also maintains a first aid-based app that helps police officers and members of the public effectively respond to emergencies, potentially saving lives in the process.

Police are also using mobile applications to help them resolve language barriers between officers and the (often non-English speaking) communities they serve.

Much like every other industry, law enforcement is becoming much more tech and data-driven. By harnessing the power of deep data and mobile, top Florida advertising agencies can help members of the community better protect themselves — while also helping conduct operations with greater insight and efficiency.

How BIGEYE can help with app development

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