Why your inbound marketing strategy will be the key to your success

In 2016, Personal Wine, one of the largest corporate branded wine providers increased their traffic over 70% by harnessing an unbeatable inbound marketing strategy. And it didn’t cost them a single media dollar.

Inbound marketing gives your PPC and ad budget a break by attracting pre-qualified leads through stellar, well-positioned content — think highly informative blog posts, video, social media, e-books, infographics, and podcasts. These leads are then converted into sales (and repeat customers) through marketing and re-engagement tools such as email marketing campaigns and targeted ads or promotions.

BIGEYE is one of the only multi-platform agencies using customized content to engage the right people, in the right place, at the right time, so we’re sharing our favorite inbound marketing techniques to get you started on your next content transformation.

Use blogging as the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy

Let’s start with the facts. According to a study by TechClient, blogs typically increase a website’s indexed pages — a critical factor in SEO ranking — by over 400%, and brands that invest in blogging activities are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI on their content marketing spends, according to Hubspot.

If you haven’t started your inbound marketing strategy yet, blogging is the place to begin. Blogs give your team an opportunity to establish itself as an industry thought leader and provide support for the greater internet community. Blogging is also one of the most shareable forms of content, making it a great stepping stone to build your inbound social media presence.

Podcasts are one of the most effective inbound techniques available

Although hosting a dedicated podcast may be too much work for your organization, seek opportunities to appear as a guest expert or host on popular shows related to your audience. As an example, if your brand sells kitchen appliances, consider appearing on popular cooking for foodie podcasts.

Podcasts are a surprisingly effective form of inbound marketing because nearly 50% of podcasters listen at home, rather than in their cars, according to Podcast Insights. This means they are able to access their phones or computers to follow up on what they learn about your brand and expertise while the moment is fresh. Additionally, over 80% of people also listen to the podcasts in their entirety, including ads and closing remarks suggesting that the average listener is focused and primed to learn and act on what they hear.

Bring inbound market strategy to life through video

While blogs, articles, and podcasts establish your leaders as industry experts, amazing video content creates an emotional link to your brand. Become a brand that people love, want to talk about, and are proud to promote (or purchase from) through good storytelling that reveals how your products are transforming lives or even the world. Video content should complement your other inbound marketing efforts by humanizing your brand. Because video content can be labor intensive to curate and refine for multi-platform exposure, we recommend partnering with an agency like ours to reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of your video campaigns. Click here to learn more about our video services and how they may fit with your inbound marketing strategy.

No matter which inbound techniques you choose, make sure you include a clear link or call to action back to your brand that will anchor your audience and encourage them to share their email address or begin the customer journey toward a purchase. Reach out to our team to share your experiences using inbound marketing and learn how you can refine your process to perfection.

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