3 Questions To Ask When Appealing to the Mom Market

Does your brand need to appeal to the all-powerful Mom Market? If so, ask yourself the following three questions to ensure your target audience chooses your brand over the competition:

1. Is Our Brand Memorable? Is It Easy to Find When You Look?

A brand that is not memorable lacks staying power. Though the brand doesn’t necessarily need to be in mom’s face at all times, she does need exposure to the brand and needs ways to be able to find it when needed. In this era, being able to find the brand means that she can find it in the store, using Google, or on Amazon. [quote]Check out BIGEYE’s successful mom marketing strategies that brought The Daily Mom App to the Top 25 Downloads Position on iTunes. [/quote] The harder it is to instill this brand into one’s memory, the harder it will be for brands to generate loyalty in their targets. In order to help make the brand memorable, it’s essential to go to the platforms where moms are sharing information with one another in order to leave a lasting impression.

2. Is Our Brand Meaningful? Where is the Connection Point Between Our Product and Our Target’s Life?

The greatest brands are the ones that make life better. Whether it’s enjoying a meal together at Olive Garden or walking through the mall in attention-getting Gucci shades, those brands that have positive impacts on the target’s lives are the ones that will succeed in creating preference. Without meaning, there’s no difference between buying Huggies and buying store brand diapers; but many moms are more apt to go for the Huggies because of their variety of facets, such as age-appropriate diapers, that help ease the frustrations of changing diapers. Huggies have made a connection point not only in their marketing, but also in their appeal to make women’s’ lives easier.

3. Is Our Brand Likable? What’s Great About Our Product? Why Do Existing Customers Like It?

Brand marketers should work to ensure that their brands are in line with the desires of mothers. A brand with a tough edge can open up it’s market to the modern mom by softening up, portraying the brand as likeable and fun. The brand marketer should embellish the aspects of their products that make moms’ lives easier, more exciting and more fulfilled.

Sometimes it’s not just about the product, but about the brand as a whole. A company that sells necessities for children can reach moms by bundling items such as diapers and baby wipes. Also, with new developments in big data, it’s easy to monitor what your users are saying about your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media outlets. Marketers can learn what existing customers prefer by region, income level and numerous other demographics. It’s easy to overlook small ideas, such as the recent insight that moms like shopping at Home Depot because it offers a sense of empowerment.

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