3 reasons you need video editing services in 2017

We’ve already told you why video advertising is mission critical to your business in another blog post. Now, we’re going to tell you why video editing services are so important.
       1. Video editing services make content feel authentic:

In our last post about this topic, we explained that video ads and content are beginning to replace – or at least supplement – traditional digital advertising techniques such as banner ads and pay per click campaigns. Last year, more companies than ever invested in video production because they realized that video increases engagement. We hope last year’s 2016 resolution was taking tons of Vine videos, starting a YouTube channel, and testing the waters. Because the new year is here and it’s time to get serious. When you partner with a video editing company, they can help you reuse good, pre-existing footage, identify areas of opportunity, and amp up your story telling capabilities by stitching together key messaging and shots. More than 82% of companies that increased their video spend last year said it had a positive impact on their business, according to Single Grain. Engaging videos, however, hinge on having good, authentic content that is polished and professional. We know your Instagram story skills are good – but this year, it’s time to aim for great.

       2. Use a video editor to tell your brand story:

To make your videos great, it’s important to tell a story. Most people do this intuitively on social media when they create clip reels and short video stories of their life experiences. As consumers, we naturally gravitate toward videos that speak to us on that social, community-minded level. The value of good video editing services lies in their ability to tell a story and create a genuine narrative while inspiring action (not just engagement and consumption). Whether your video is three seconds long or three minutes long, you need to capture your audience’s attention, communicate something important, and end with a call to action … without losing the storyline. This careful balance is one-part science and one-part art. Video producers also have an eye on emerging video trends in terms of tone and treatment so that the videos you share are creatively relevant and meet consumers’ subconscious expectations about what a video should look and feel like. You don’t want to accidentally craft an entire marketing campaign around that outdated, so-2016  filter, do you?

       3. Your video editing company will get you on the platforms you need:

For video to be effective, it needs to be in front of the right people at the right times. Ideally, your video would also link to your email campaigns, traditional marketing efforts, and other outlets. Using a video editing company can help you determine where this makes sense, where it doesn’t, and how to effectively use video to cross platforms, devices, and marketing mediums. Making these links yourself can be very time consuming and even impossible unless you have professional-grade video editing and posting software. While there are a lot of great free tools in the market, they aren’t created with marketers in mind. With an agency, you get two birds with one stone: video strategy and an amazing finished product.

Like we said: if you’re reading this, we know we don’t need to sell you on the value of video. Your business results can speak for themselves. We just want you to realize that there is another level of potential as your video programming grows and are here to help the process along the way. Click here to learn more about how we have used video for other clients, or our unique video services and methodology.

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