3 resort marketing tips that deliver results fast

As summer vacations begin getting planned, warm weather inspires people to seek warmer waters, and tourism season kicks into full swing, now is a great time to parter with a Florida digital marketing agency to supercharge your resort marketing strategy. Get ahead of your competition by harnessing these three great resort marketing tips this season.

1. Landing page strategy:

When we say “landing page strategy,” the glamor of event marketing campaigns and sultry print ads may not come to your mind, but your digital marketing agency will probably feel differently. In light of Google’s recent commitment to reduce the appearance of AdWords advertisements in search results, paid digital media – and the landing pages that go with them – will become an increasingly important trend for 2016 and 2017. By eliminating advertisements from the right rail of search results, your landing page (and only three other paid results) have the opportunity to pop up above the fold on search queries, immediately followed by highly relevant organic results.

The goal of Google’s change was to provide searchers with more relevant information. The result is that your landing page will become far more important to seal the deal for prospective guests. Your digital marketing agency can craft a landing page that yields highly qualified leads and draws customers to the top of the marketing funnel. And here’s an extra resort marketing tip for free: better leads means better business.

2. Partnerships and sweepstakes:

Any Florida digital marketing agency worth its salt knows that partnerships and sweepstakes can revolutionize your resort marketing strategy. Offering a free stay, which can then be advertised via partner websites, email distribution lists, and mailers is a low cost in-kind exchange that often yields a gold mine of potential customer data. While this seems obvious, the main resort marketing tip and key to a successful sweepstakes or partnership is to align with other brands that naturally appeal to your customers. If you partner with brands that aren’t closely aligned or that use broad, rather than narrow, targeting methodology, your lead quality will dip (after all, people will do anything for a free stay at your resort, right?).

Having a digital marketing agency that can fine tune your partnerships and break down the cost benefit analysis of what you’re offering for the sweepstakes, tackle any legal restrictions, and execute strategy reduces legwork on your end so you can focus on cultivating your resulting prospects.

3. Enjoy the halo effect:

Resort marketing benefits from many of the same marketing psychology principles as luxury or lifestyle brands. Successful resort marketing helps prospective guests see themselves at your resort and imagine a lifestyle that goes with it. For this reason, endorsements can be a powerful tool. Chances are that your digital marketing agency already has relationships with a variety of local, national, or international tastemakers, celebrities, thought leaders, and industry names that can add a touch of excitement, authenticity, or luxury to your resort branding.

Your agency will help you identify mutually beneficial opportunities to broker an endorsement. These relationships could be as small as a media mention or as elaborate as celebrity-hosted fitness classes and events. Ideally, both you and your endorser will benefit from this relationship. You’ll enjoy a halo effect of positive association, while your endorser may want increased press exposure, vacation perks, or some form of compensation. Your agency will help balance these needs so everyone wins.

Resort marketing should be as fun and fabulous as the resort experience itself, so use these tips to breathe life into your traditional marketing campaigns and tried-and-tested lead generation efforts. These resort marketing tips not only help deliver results but break through the marketing clutter that can be distracting for your audience.

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