10 reasons why live broadcasting is one of the biggest trends

To understand why live broadcasting is one of the hottest trends for digital marketing, we first need to understand what all the fuss is about. When Meerkat, the first live broadcasting app, debuted at the famed South By Southwest (SXSW) conference, the social media universe literally went insane. Since then, digital marketers have rallied around the variety of broadcasting software available to engage and attract customers to their brand in a new way. Here’s why.

1. FOMO is real:

FOMO – or the “fear of missing out” – is a disease that has run rampant among millennials and the Generation Y. As users’ lives become more visible and connected via social media, the peer pressure to participate in experiences and events (and tell the world they’re doing so) has increased exponentially. This phenomena primed the stage for broadcasting software such as Meerkat and Periscope so users can take part in their friends’ experiences in more profound ways, even when they’re not there.

2. Globalization and events:

Broadcasting apps close gaps in distance and time. Brands that once relied on physical proximity to attract new customers to events needed to spend huge amounts of time and money to execute these inbound marketing techniques. Today, your advertising agency can host a smaller event (in more remote or exclusive location) and broadcast the experience into the social media universe. Businesses will still enjoy the benefits of inbound marketing leads at a fraction of the cost, without compromising their brand experience in the slightest.

3. Fishing where the fish are:

According to YouTube, 1 in 3 Internet users view some form of video content every single day. At 33%, that’s one of the most engaged forms of content on the market. A good content marketing agency knows that engaged users lead to better leads (pun intended) and a stronger digital marketing strategy. Broadcasting even the most mundane experiences inside a company can make that organization seem more authentic and human, igniting prospective customer curiosity and boosting brand engagement.

4. Exclusivity for everyone:

The top digital marketing agency isn’t the only one to benefit from broadcasting technology either. Apps like Periscope give consumers access to lifestyle brands and experiences they crave. Broadcasting is like an exclusive invitation to an event or experience that many users would never have otherwise. The appeal lies in consumers’ natural desire to align with aspirational brands and individuals, giving lifestyle brands a particular leg up when using broadcasting for inbound marketing initiatives.

5. People love videos:

Cell phones have made video sharing easy, SnapChat has made video sharing fun, GoPro has made video sharing amazing. And now, broadcasting has made video sharing the newest trend for every digital marketing agency surfing the Internet. People love videos, so it’s no surprise that the types of tools marketers are using are adapting to fit this need. Broadcasting makes inbound discovery and marketing much easier than other form of video interaction.

6. Plenty to choose from:

Depending on your content marketing agency, your preference, and needs, your business has a variety of broadcasting apps to choose from. The top three in the market are Periscope, Meerkat, Stre.Am. All of these new entrants boast robust video sharing and streaming functionality, a solid user base, and nothing but untapped potential. Work with your digital marketing agency to understand the differences between each and choose the platform that’s best for your audience before committing to your first broadcasting endeavor.

7. Live broadcasting is not a fad:

When Instagram and SnapChat first entered the market, marketers were skeptical to get in on the action because they thought the popularity may be a fad. It’s no surprise that live broadcasting is receiving similar doubts from more traditional advertising agency representatives. We are here to debunk that myth. Periscope, Meerkat, and Stre.Am have more than 5 billion impressions collectively, which is a huge market of untapped marketing potential. And most certainly not a fad.

8. Live broadcasting drives new levels of brand engagement:

Aside from the obvious benefits of inbound prospects and heightened awareness, we believe that live broadcasting has the potential to connect customers with brands they love more organically. Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend a day in the life of your favorite brand’s executive? What if you could attend Apple’s product launch event … in the front row … Sitting next to the company’s lead engineer? Court side seats to your favorite basketball game? Yes please. The brand engagement (and monetization) potential are nearly endless.

9. An inbound marketer’s dream:

Talk to your content marketing agency about how to get involved in the trend. Live broadcasting is here to stay, and your company is poised to benefit from this unique and exciting trend. It’s always great to have a pro in your corner, so leverage your agency’s expertise to determine what broadcasting is right for your brand, who to target, and what types of inbound marketing KPI’s you can expect to see as the trend grows.

10. How your business can win with live broadcasting:

Right now, the biggest benefit for businesses is the potential for inbound marketing leads. As the trend evolves, we expect new advertising potential will emerge, as will restrictions on what can be broadcasted and when (we know there are some early privacy concerns as well). Together, we will set the tone for how live broadcasting impacts the market and what business owners can expect from this emerging technology.

We know you’re a trend setter (that’s why you’re reading this blog, right?), so download Meerkat or one of the other live broadcasting apps we mentioned above and experience the excitement and magic of being front and center all the time. We have a feeling you’ll be as enthusiastic as we were and might even feel a rush of your own FOMO soon.

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