Become a Destination Spot: Online Tourism Marketing Tips

The tourist market is quite competitive with the ever-changing economy, fickle weather conditions and seasonal slumps. In light of these challenges, it’s important to bring your A-game when it comes to marketing strategy. As a Florida advertising agency, we partner with many clients in the tourism department and have found that with a few simple additions in your online tourism marketing plan, campaign strategies and outreach, business owners can boost their sales and become a destination spot.

Boost Business with Bloggers

Instead of a press release in a local paper or magazine, spread the word about your business among the online travel community. Gain traveling clout by pitching your destination to travel bloggers. Bloggers want to discover the untapped destinations, so talk about the latest and greatest and you could be among their list just by simply pitching your destination.

Here a few things to consider when reaching out to bloggers:

  • Create a press packet that has the background story of your business, what you offer, why you are unique, plus images that showcase your business. Send this packet along with your initial email for bloggers to get a handle on your business and also use the content for the blog itself.
  • Invite a blogger to enjoy a free dinner, one night at your hotel, etc. in exchange for a mention in their travel diary. Bloggers love being able to experience all things first-hand.
  • Not only can bloggers offer a write up about your business, they can also offer advertising. Consider purchasing ad space from a blogger that shares the same target audience as you and take advantage of their online traffic.

Great travel blogs: Hotel Belle, Camels & Chocolate, The Everywhereist, Delicious Baby, Johnny Jet

Get Social

Remember it’s all about connecting with the customer. The more communicative and personal your business is, the more a customer will feel comfortable buying into what your company has to offer. Start a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even a blog account to start the buzz about your business and add some personality.

Here are just a few ideas of how you can use social media to boost sales:

  • Post images and tips about other local spots that guests can enjoy while visiting your business-it may strike up some B2B relationships with other local businesses and will definitely boost your audience’s engagement with your business and local community.
  • Use these social media hubs as a platform for promotional campaigns. Run a holiday special for just Twitter and Facebook users.
  • Host a weekly or monthly photo contest using Instagram. The guest with the best photo wins a free meal, 10% of a service you offer, etc. It’s a great way to build positive social content and promote your brand.


Gain Referrals & Recommendations

Word of mouth referral is the best organic marketing tool out there and has quite a high conversion rate. However, it usually comes sporadically and doesn’t have a lasting or widespread impact. The next best things are online recommendations and referrals. Consider setting up business accounts with sites like Trip Advisor, Wanderfly, Yelp and Foursquare.

These services are free and will not only optimize your chances of being found online, but also give your audience a chance to leave feedback about their experience. Recommendation sites drive referral traffic and help your customer conversion rate climb. It also works as a great checks-and-balance system for you and your staff to uphold a high level regarding customer service and experience.

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