BIGEYE’s highlights from the 2012 Design Conference

On June 8th and 9th, I attended the Front End Design Conference in St. Petersberg, Florida. It was a two-day event for web designers and programmers covering the front-end side of web development and design. The first day featured a line-up of seven speakers, who discussed various topics including the future of shapes, fonts, and colors, to more technical topics like CSS preprocessors and CSS/JS tricks and techniques. My favorite had to be Dave Rupert’s hilarious “Getting’ Flexy with Uncle Dave” talk.
One of the great things about this conference is the community. The conference is a small one, which makes it much more personal and intimate. It also gives you many chances to talk to the speakers and the community in general. It was great to be able to meet so many new people as there are a lot of passionate and smart people in the community. Not all of it was serious though. The Github After Party was a lot of fun and I got my first taste of chocolate covered bacon (which I later successfully recreated). This was my first conference I’ve attended, and I had a blast!

Written by Michael Hurwitz, BIGEYE Web Developer

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