Bigeye’s National Pet Owners Study

Today’s pet owners are changing the traditional American household.

Pets are now being seen as more a part of the family than they were before. There is an increase in the humanization of these animals whether it be toys made to mimic human products, owners purchasing pet insurance, or grooming made to be a spa experience. 

In a post-COVID world, pandemic pets are solidifying their roles. Nearly one-half of owners welcomed a new pet into their household during the pandemic. This helped shape how owners view their pets and spend their money on their pets.

Since Bigeye last reported on pet ownership in 2019, we have seen the projected total spending on pet-related products increase by billions of dollars. 

This report from Bigeye, based on data recorded across the United States, reveals pet owners’ spending habits, how pet owners view their pets, and everything in between. 

An Inside Look at how Pets Impact Households

Pet Source


of pet owners acquired their new pets from a friend or relative.

Health Insurance


of pet owners spend on average up to $500 on their pets’ medical needs.



of pet owners believe their pets understand most of everything said to them.


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