Crash course: The Internet of things & it’s impact on businesses

Imagine driving home from work. As you near your house, your parking garage door opens, your thermostat adjusts to your preferred ambient temperature, your lights turn on, and your front door unlocks. Your oven even turned on before you left the office because you need to prep for a dinner party later this evening. This is not science fiction. It’s the Internet of Things. And it’s happening now. The Internet of Things simply refers to various objects’ ability to connect to the internet and work together in harmony with you and each other to complete tasks, improve performance, or streamline activities.

Most consumers think about the Internet of Things as it relates to creating a “smart home” – like the scene above – because the concept is easy to understand and smart home products are prevalent within the marketplace. They are also surprisingly affordable. For example, a Nest smart thermostat is only about $250, an August automatic lock is approximately $175, and a starter kit for Philips Hue light bulbs are only $130 for a set of three bulbs. But there are many other ways the Internet of Things can and will revolutionize our lives and how we do business.

How businesses are getting involved:

Although it is easiest to imagine how the electronics and appliances industry can be enhanced by the Internet of Things, almost every business has potential. Don’t believe us? Consider your favorite toilet paper brand. Amazon just introduced a new, internet-based clicker that allows you to push a button in your bathroom and have toilet paper mailed to your house on-demand. How about your auto insurance? Progressive let’s you plug a small device into your car that tracks your driving via the internet and lowers (or raises) your insurance based on how you actually drive. The links between the Internet of Things and commerce are nearly endless … If you have the vision to see and implement these ideas. That’s where we come in.

Digital specialists such as the team at our Orlando based marketing agency are trained to think about natural links between your products and bleeding edge technologies such as the Internet of Things. We believe that having a holistic presence across channels is the key to success in today’s competitive landscape. Together, we can help you search for overlap between your existing campaigns and emerging marketing opportunities tied to the Internet of Things. Because the Internet of Things is usually enhanced by social media, virtual payment tools, and GPS services, you probably already have the foundation to bridge the gap.

Marketing with the Internet of things:

As marketers, there are three main areas to consider when building a campaign using the Internet of Things:

Although the Internet of Things can enhance efficiency, usage, and product development, it may not always be possible for you to change your product or invest in technology to leverage the internet in those ways. This is why we love opportunities such as location-based discounts and service cues. They are easy to implement with almost any budget and provide a gateway to the Internet of Things that will help you gauge your customers’ reaction and adjust your marketing techniques accordingly.

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