3 reasons why ad agencies are more effective at media buying

Okay, let’s get this out of the way right up front. Sometimes, we can be biased. Yes, we love our team of Orlando marketing experts. And yes, we are partial to the smart, passionate, digital-obsessed account executives that make our agency unique. But with absolutely no bias whatsoever: advertising agencies – in general – are always going to be better at media buying than the alternative. That includes working with dedicated media buying agencies and any DIY ad spends you had planned for the quarter. Before the rebuttals come rolling in, let us explain why.


The key ingredient for a perfect media buying experience starts and ends with good planning. While media buying agencies have deep vertical knowledge of the buying process and dedicate their time cultivating relationships with ad placement services, advertising agencies bring a critical breadth that rounds out the marketing experience. Because advertising agencies hire specialists dedicated to media buying, and search engine optimization, and social media management, and creative services all media purchases are grounded against your holistic business strategy. Specifically, advertising agencies align your media spend against your key goals and any other marketing mechanisms supporting these needs. This includes cross-channel audience research, balanced spending, and clear analysis and fine tuning as campaigns go live and generate data and results. Planning your spend across channels, rather than creating piecemeal marketing experiences as they pop up, ensures your marketing dollars are being distributed evenly and put toward the best use — but most importantly, that they are all working together.


Show me the money. Give me the best bang for your buck. However you want to say it, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value possible when you invest in an advertising agency to support your media buying needs. Similarly to media buying firms, ad agencies will always get you the best rates on your placement because they have the luxury to buy ad spots in bulk (something individual or small business owners cannot do). In addition to that, advertising agencies oversee the entire advertising lifecycle, making the media buying, creation, and placement experience a one-stop shop. This is especially important for businesses that don’t have a dedicated creative team or who are growing faster than their existing team can support. Advertising agencies reduce strain on your current team without adding more middle men than necessary when you have contacts for each piece of the marketing mix. 


In a world with increasingly transactional business relationships, having a trusted advertising agency can be a breath of fresh air. When you work with a firm like our Orlando advertising agency, we make it our responsibility to get to know your brand, your team, and become engrained in your culture. In this way, advertising agencies become extensions of your own organization. Consider us a second line of defense or a toolbox of sharpened knives ready to cut into your toughest marketing problems — no matter what they may be. Yes, our Orlando marketing agency would be happy to be your media buying partner, but we’d also be so much more more. Advertising agencies zoom out from the campaign at hand to look at your customers’ lifecycle, your promotional calendar, media relations, and digital footprint. Together, we can stay on top of the latest marketing trends and brainstorm innovative new campaigns that will break through the marketing clutter.


If you’re sensing a similar theme building from our last two reasons, then we consider our work here done. We think of these three concepts as the marketing world’s “Goldilocks rule.” We’re not too specialized (like a media buying agency), and not too broad (like your team may have to be to support your business needs) … We’re just right. Learn more about how our advertising agency can uniquely complement your business needs by clicking here to explore some of our other business partnerships.

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