Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with Display Advertising Services

When used the right way, display advertising can deliver exceptional results, whether the goal is to raise awareness, capture leads, or drive sales. The key there is using the ads “the right way.”
Too often, companies spend money on ads that don’t attract the right audience, or worse, attract the wrong audience — people who click an ad with no intention of making a purchase. The best way to ensure you get the maximum return for your advertising investment is to leverage the expertise of an agency that has a proven track record with display advertising services.


5 Reasons you should add high-impact display ads to your marketing strategy

Why are display ads an effective addition to any marketing plan? We’ve narrowed it down to five imperative reasons:

1. They work

If you spend any time at all on the internet, you’ve seen (and probably ignored) display ads. Ads that are highly targeted with the help of a display advertising services agency still get results.

At the end of the day, we’re all looking for efficiency and convenience in our lives. When we’re in the market for some quality hiking boots and an ad for “Quality Hiking Boots” comes up while we’re surfing the web, what could be more convenient than clicking the ad and making the purchase?

2. You have full control over starting and stopping ads

Many forms of advertising involve a lengthy contract. Display advertising gives you the freedom of starting and stopping your ads whenever you like, as often as you like, allowing you to optimize your ad campaign as it runs.

3. You can get a second chance with retargeting and remarketing

With retargeting, ads are displayed on other sites in an ad network for people who recently visited your website. In effect, your ads “follow” them around the internet. Sure, there’s a creepy aspect to that. But today’s consumers are familiar with this tactic and will often give in to clicking the ad if the product or service is something they really want or need.

4. They offer highly refined targeting

Display ads can be targeted in a number of ways to maximize the “eye share” you get with your ideal prospect. This can include geo-targeting in which your ad is shown only to people in a particular geographic area.

5. They increase brand awareness

Even if a person doesn’t click on a display ad, simply seeing it starts to create some familiarity with your brand. Over time, familiarity can turn into curiosity, and curious people often become customers!


Display advertising services: Get more for your money

By capitalizing on the knowledge and expertise of a digital marketing agency, you can create and place display ads that reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. That’s our mantra here at BIGEYE for all services we provide. Get in touch with out team today if you’re interested in talking about your display ad strategy, or any aspect of your digital marketing.

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