How an Influencer Agency Connects You with Industry Trendsetters

In the scary, dark, pre-internet days, pretty much all you had to rely on when choosing a product or service was what each company had to say about itself. Thankfully the internet is thriving and here to stay, plus there are better and more reliable ways to get an unbiased opinion.
People with in-depth knowledge about consumer needs and the best way to meet those needs — so-called “influencers”— are happy to share their insights about a particular product or service. In fact, for many of them, that’s all they do.

If your business has quality offerings, an influencer agency can help connect you with an influencer who will review and talk about your product or service with their eager and engaged audience. The results? A new, relatable voice for your company to work with.

Reap the benefits of working with an influencer agency

Establishing a relationship with an influencer (which is not always an easy feat) can provide a bunch of benefits for your company.

Immediate trust

If you have not already experienced the frustration, building trust in your target market can take months, if not years, on your own. Audiences, however, trust the influencers they follow. Obviously, that’s one of the reasons they follow them! If the influencer speaks highly of your product or service… bingo! They’ve effectively transferred their followers’ trust to you.

Increased awareness

Brand positioning is key to a business’ success. If the right influencer recommends your company, you’ve immediately raised your profile and secured a key piece of marketing turf.

Enhanced content marketing strategy

When you reach a point with an influencer that they are willing to share your material with their followers, you now have a new platform for your content marketing efforts.

Increased partnership opportunities

Prospective customers aren’t the only people who listen to influencers. Potential business partners do as well. Sharing your story through an influencer you’ve found with the help of an influencer agency can lead to connections with organizations whose offerings complement and enhance your own.

Improved search engine optimization (SEO)

If recognized industry experts create links from their websites to yours, the search engines see your site as more credible and more important, and that can move you up in the search rankings.

Can you connect with influencers on your own? Maybe…

There’s no rule that says you have to go through an influencer agency to reach an influencer. There’s also no rule that says you have to go through a grocery store to get milk for your cereal. If you’ve got the land and the know-how to raise a cow, have at it!

But, if you want to find the right influencers and approach them in the right way so that they are open to learning more about your offerings, it’s wise to leverage the expertise of an influencer agency. The truth is, awkward or overly aggressive outreach can turn off an influencer, and they tend to have long memories!

When you’re ready to get the blessing of the influencers in your market, give us a call. We’re a respected digital marketing agency that can simplify and streamline the “getting to know you” phase, so you can move more quickly into the “help us reach our target audience” phase!

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