Extreme social media makeover: BIGEYE Twitter edition

On Thursday, Twitter announced it was receiving a major makeover and the implementation of Facebook-style brand pages. It seems Twitter is finally trying to shift the Twitterverse from third-party apps and back to the site itself, while drawing more users away from the business-buzzing world of Facebook Pages.
For now, Twitter has only rolled out the brand pages for corporate powerhouses like Disney and McDonald’s. The sleek new design allows businesses to customize their headers and promote a tweet of choice at the top of their timeline. Businesses will also be able to keep their mentions and @replies separate. One can assume it will only be a matter of time before brand pages will be available to the general public, as Google+ just launched its version of brand pages in October … and social networks are always keeping up with the Joneses.

The overall Twitter facelift is much more streamlined and you’ll find three new buttons at the top of the page: Home, @Connect and #Discover. The @Connect button shows your mentions and also suggests accounts you might be interested in following. The #Discover button shows you what’s trending and videos and stories based on your interests. Other features include a simpler way to embed videos and more.

For a glimpse of this Twitter overhaul, watch the video below:

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