Five Tips for Improving Your CBD Cosmetic Marketing

Have you recently started a CBD beauty brand? Here are a few things you need to consider for your next CBD cosmetic marketing campaign.

The CBD beauty business is booming, projected to reach $1.8 million by 2025 — not bad for an industry that is still in its infancy. With great opportunity comes tough competition, however. Every day, it seems like several new CBD beauty brands pop up, ready to take their slice of the pie. Fortunately, we’re here to help you send the competition home hungry by delivering some smart CBD cosmetic marketing tips.

Tip One: Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

For more than a year, CBD products were persona non grata on Facebook. The social giant had what amounted to an informal blanket ban on CBD products. That, however, has recently changed — Facebook has relaxed its restrictions and now allows certain hemp/CBD brands to advertise under a narrow list of qualifying conditions. 

It’s likely that your brand doesn’t meet these conditions. Yet the odds are even better that your brand will have broader access to the Facebook platform in the near-term future. Many observers feel Facebook’s tentative move toward looser restrictions is a harbinger of much more significant moves to come. After all, CBD is one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing product spaces, and it’s a natural for digital ads. It’s unlikely that Facebook will cede this ground to its rivals long-term.

With that in mind, be prepared for the inevitable shift — and move in with force once you have the opportunity. 

Tip Two: Ensure Your CBD Cosmetic Marketing Takes an Inclusive Approach

Does your marketing reflect every possible buyer of your product? Are you using models that the whole spectrum of your audience can identify with and relate to? If not, it’s important to make an effort to be more inclusive.

Inclusivity within the beauty space also includes showing a diversity of body tapes, including those that do not conform to traditional standards of beauty. For the broadest possible impact, CBD cosmetic marketing should be calibrated to resonate with the broadest possible audience.

Tip Three: Highlight the Evidence

Those marketing CBD beauty products have an ace in the hole: There is significant research that attests to the efficacy of CBD within cosmetics. When used within products for the skin, CBD has been shown to lessen inflammation and breakouts, smooth pores and help reduce redness. CBD oils and other cosmetic products are also full of essential oils, which can help stimulate collagen production and keep skin glowing and healthy.

These are all critically important attributes for consumers seeking beauty products. As such, they should be a key area of focus when creating CBD cosmetic marketing. Outline these powerful benefits, show examples of how they work in action and emphasize the specific advantages that CBD cosmetics bring to bear relative to conventional beauty merchandise.

Tip Four: Ask for a Premium

All of those benefits we just discussed are a significant value add for consumers. As such, CBD cosmetics brands can be positioned as premium products that return higher market prices. When creating marketing content, be explicit about the key differentiators between CBD-infused products and traditional cosmetics. Make the case that these differentiators justify a premium brand position and, possibly, higher margins.

Given CBD’s explosive popularity within the beauty market, premium differentiation can play an important role in allowing your brand to carve out a significant slice of market share.

Tip Five: Segment Your Audience

CBD cosmetic product marketing is most effective when brands segment their market. First, identify who buys your products, in terms of demographics and attributes — the usual brand persona process. For greater impact, however, it makes sense to really drill down on your customer identification.

For example, a smart brand might create targeted marketing content that is calibrated specifically for people who already use CBD in one aspect of their lives (dog treats, wellness etc.), and may be open to trying it within the context of beauty products. Such consumers generally already have built in goodwill for CBD products and are easily persuadable.

Finding the Right CBD Cosmetic Agency

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