Florida marketing agency combines SEO & SEM, we can show you how!

Florida Marketing Agency, BIGEYE, would like you to know that SEO and SEM departments should be combined. In previous years, some advertisers ran their SEM and SEO separately. Yet, there is a fine line in which both concepts overlap. Companies like any Florida SEO Company have to determine where the overlap is and whether the overlap is being managed appropriately with a marketing campaign. One example is keyword usage, where a word might drive PCP ads well, so there is an opportunity to use it in SEO for organic rankings.

Florida SEO Company Explains SEO

Florida SEO Company offers SEO or search engine optimization of websites. It is a concept where keywords are used in online content such as the website, blog, and other avenues in order to drive visitors to your site through the search engine. Google sets the rules for how search engines will rank pages and websites in the search results. A company such as the Florida Marketing Agency can devise content that meets the rules, as well as focuses on which keywords are likely to be searched and therefore get you into the top page rankings.

Marketing Firm Orlando Talks about SEM

SEM is search engine marketing. It is as the Florida Marketing Agency stated above: a concept that works closely with SEO. The idea is the same as SEO in which you or a professional, such as those with Florida SEO Company, uses keywords to drive consumers to your business. The difference is that SEO uses search results, whereas SEM is about a marketing campaign. The keywords are highly selective such as one or two in an ad in order to make certain the consumer will have an interest in the advertisement. The Florida Marketing Agency researches the terms to find the best both in SEO and SEM for your site.

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