Generate traffic to your resort website with content marketing

Resort marketing still continues to largely hinge on a flawless content strategy: you have to have the photos, the reviews, the descriptions, and some seriously intriguing copy that makes website visitors want to become real visitors. In addition to the obvious benefits of engaging and converting web traffic, content marketing can generate even more traffic to your resort website by boosting SEO rankings and viral traffic.
Here are some tried and true industry insights that’ll be sure to help pump up your SEO rankings and generate more traffic to your site.


We’ve all heard the same ole’ song that content is king – well, it is. Strong, relevant, and consistent website content boosts your SEO ranking on two fronts, branded terms (i.e., your resort name) and non-branded terms like geo-specific data (i.e., Jamaica resort, tropical hotel, etc.). Working with a marketing agency to develop a better understanding of the right terms for your brand, which is always based on your search budget and competitive set, will give you a crystal-clear roadmap to success. Use those terms to tag your photos and build out your property descriptions, and as search engines crawl your site, having these terms in your copy will ensure your resort appears relevant and pops up when tourists are searching for related terms. Of course, the more your resort appears in search results (and the higher it ranks), the more traffic will hit your website. Within your site, you can also link to deeper pages within your web ecosystem or link outwardly to relevant website authorities such as bloggers and review sites to encourage better search rankings. Although SEO efforts aren’t as tangible as other agency marketing efforts, they can absolutely make or break how much traffic your website receives. Which in turn, has a huge effect on your business. And remember, you multi-million dollar resort and its respective website are only as good as the traffic that finds it.


Although it can feel incredibly time consuming, blogging is one of the single most important content marketing strategies to boost traffic to your resort website. By actively blogging about relevant content related to the resort industry, you become an authority on your travel destination. Blog as a guest expert on other sites, publish your posts in an email newsletter, share them on social media, get the word out. The more shareable your content is, the more likely it is to be … well … shared. If your in-house team is too small, consider working with a content marketing agency to generate and post blog entries. Not only can these agencies write on your behalf, but they can help you determine where to post your content and who to reach out to, ultimately ensuring your articles are seen. Regardless of your budget, most agencies will work with you to build a successful strategy. A good rule of thumb is that you should post at least one to two articles per week that include approximately 500-600 words and several instances of your primary keywords. The added bonus of creating highly shareable content is that it also supports your SEO strategy. And that my friends, is what we call a two-for-one.

We can’t stress enough that content helps potential customers understand your brand and drives new visitors to the top of your exploration funnel. Keeping this content up-to-date is important to ensure your site stays relevant to both your audience and search engines. Your website is never “done” and there is always more content to be written, fresh news to share, and new traffic to entice by updating your content on a regular basis.  So get to writing – go ahead, unleash your creativity – and don’t plan to stop!

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