How a Motion Graphics Company Can Bring Your Brand to Life

Learn how a motion graphics company can help your business improve brand recognition, engage a target audience, and attract more customers. 

Motion graphics refers to the synergistic application of concepts from both graphic design and animation. This kind of content gives businesses a great way to simplify concepts, enforce their brand identity, and engage audiences. Find out how working with a motion graphics company can help any business tell its story better.

Why do motion graphics work?

Most people refer to motion design as a type of animation. In today’s competitive marketing environment, people get bombarded by so much information that companies can have a tough time engaging and communicating with their audience with just text, static images, or even more traditional video.

As a kind of animation, motion graphics can incorporate moving or still graphics, sound, and text. Most of all, they can rapidly generate a submersive storyline, which can take on the feel of a documentary, lesson, comedy, or even a video game. They can entertain, explain, and educate — and sometimes do all three.

According to OpenGeeksLab, working with a video animation services company can provide a business with many marketing benefits:

  • Audience recall: Motion graphics make it easier to recall statistics, complex ideas, and even emotions. Studies have demonstrated that people can remember 95 percent of the information presented in a video but only about 10 percent of what they read in text.
  • Engagement: People spend more time on pages with videos than pages with only text and/or graphics. Again, motion graphics aren’t just good marketing — they’re actually good.
  • Brand enhancement: Good motion graphic design will incorporate both visual and textual elements of a company’s brand image. For instance, the content might incorporate the brand’s logo, mission, and personality.
  • Viral potential: Social media users have proven more inclined to share videos than only graphics or text. They’re also more likely to comment or hit the like button. Motion graphics give businesses a chance to expand their reach.
  • SEO value: Web pages with video and text have a greater chance to hit the first page in Google and other search engines. This can attract more organic traffic and improve brand recognition.
  • Good ROI: Animation drives traffic three times better than other kinds of content. For the benefits they can enjoy, most businesses find working with a corporate video production company cost effective.

A motion graphics company can also provide a good ROI because they’re generally open to repurposing. For instance, animation production companies may produce one longer video for a website. After that, they can also cut parts of the product into quick, 30-second promos for social media or pull out static images for infographics. This kind of content stacking can help make efficient use of marketing budgets.

Examples of good motion graphics design

As with most visual mediums, people generally have an easier time understanding high-quality work by seeing examples than by reading explanations. Look at a couple of effective motion graphics videos that can help illustrate the potential of this medium.

Anatomy of a Computer Virus: A dangerous virus threatened public services and society at large. Created for a TV show, this motion graphics video explained a very complex topic in a very digestible and interesting way. It distilled the work of a team of experts into an engaging presentation that average people can understand.

Varpet: Varpet used motion graphics to create an explainer video that also served as marketing content. In just about one minute, the good-humored motion graphics explained exactly why somebody would need the company’s mobile app, its benefits over other solutions, and the couple of simple steps required to use it.

How to find the right motion graphics company

As with any other type of content producers, good animation production companies should post examples of their video animation services. Find out if their style looks like a fit for the company culture. Just as important, make certain they want to devote the time to learn about your business, brand image, and goals. While the best motion graphics can stand on their own merits as good content, they also need to reflect your company’s mission and overall message.

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