How new metrics work to merge data on & offline marketing data

Tim McCormack, BIGEYE’s Digital Marketing Manager, briefly discusses online to offline marketing and how new metrics introduced by Google and Facebook work to merge data on what online ads consumers see and whether consumers who have been exposed to these messages are visiting physical retail stores and restaurants. Watch the video to learn how online to offline marketing data could impact your business.  

What if you could determine that a purchase made at your store was ultimately driven by your latest digital marketing campaign? This has long been a big blind spot in the world of digital analytics. Up until now, we’ve only had power in understanding and knowing how people react to our ads online and the ability to measure and optimize based on their online actions. But what if someone views your display ads and then goes into your store and makes a purchase as opposed to clicking on the display ad and making one of your purchases online? That’s where these new metrics come in.

Both Google and Facebook have come out this year and refined, right in time for the holiday shopping season, these new metrics that they’re calling “store visits”. Store visits utilize cross-device tracking (tracking from both your phone and your computer when you’re logged into Facebook or Google) to identify users who have seen different ads through their ad networks, and then utilizing location services on your mobile devices to determine if you’ve actually gone into the store.

This opens up a whole new world of understanding and attribution for how our online ads are performing.

Thanks for learning more about online to offline marketing data with BIGEYE.  As an agency we strive to provide the most comprehensive possible marketing data and insights to our clients, so we’re thrilled to have a new metric that provides greater transparency into the actions consumers take. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about BIGEYE’s digital marketing services or attribution modeling services.

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