How to Build an Empathetic Marketing Strategy in 2021

In this webinar, Bigeye Senior Strategist Dana Cassell explores exercises and marketing strategies for brands to successfully position their companies in in a world of unprecedented times.

2020 uncovered new challenges for marketers that we have never encountered before. The many events of last year have shaped the fabric of society, and how we should approach our marketing. strategies with empathy and space for short-term agility. 2021 is about capitalizing on short windows of opportunity. Is your brand prepared to shift quickly?

The Marketing Strategy Game Plan

84% of customers say their last customer say their last customer service interaction via call center did not meet their expectations. Watch the free webinar to get the tools you need to create an experience that will provide value to your customers and help your company meet long-term goals.

In this webinar, we’ll cover these aspects of a well-crafted marketing strategy:

  1. Marketing with empathy and establishing a value proposition
  2. Prioritizing your digital conversion funnel
  3. Practical agility
  4. The heart of the 2021 CMO
marketing strategy, digital conversion funnel
Can you describe your brand’s digital conversion funnel in under 60 seconds?

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