How video links can transport your tourism marketing to the future

Did you know that 66% of U.S. Consumers watch travel videos when thinking about or planning at trip to inform their purchasing decisions, according to Tubular Insights? And did you know that by 2019, Cisco predicts that over 90% of the internet bandwidth will be used by video media? We’re sensing a trend here. Video links don’t need to be a standalone marketing asset showcasing your property, product, or tourism services: they can be a gateway to your future marketing strategy.

Getting the right content in front of the right people:

Most marketers agree that video content is an emotionally compelling, highly engaging way to reach their target audience. The key to successfully using video links as part of your marketing strategy is getting the right content in front of the right people. A great example of a brand that has done this successfully is Turkish Airlines. Although they only have a few thousand YouTube followers, their videos get an average of 1.9 million views per video (compared to Delta’s average of approximately 94,000 views per video). These statistics didn’t happen by accident. In addition to crafting highly shareable, entertaining (yet educational) content, Turkish Airlines has used paid video to push its content in front of qualified audiences that then began sharing their content and taking it viral. In this instance, Turkish Airlines balanced content, organic exposure, and paid advertising to create the perfect digital mix. By using new data modeling techniques, such as attribution marketing, you can predict the right balance for your brand to drive similar success.

Video links round out your multi-channel marketing strategy:

Video links complement almost every marketing channel and can be used alongside traditional media such as television and radio, and new media such as social media and PPC campaigns. By using A/B testing to understand what content appeals to your audience, you can create videos that delight and inspire action. Then, simply plug and play that content into your spend based on your channel performance findings using attribution forecasting. Sounds simple, right? It is. If you are new to attribution modeling, click here to learn more about what this new tool is and how it can benefit your business. Well placed video links are especially valuable for tourism marketing because they capture the essence of your property or brand in a way that still photos (that have a reputation for being stagnant at worst and photoshopped at best) and copy (that tells rather than shows) cannot.

BIGEYE can help you understand which videos work best and where to place them to maximize exposure across all your marketing touch points. Click here to learn more about our creative and attribution services and start preparing for 2019’s video trends today … because who doesn’t want to be two years ahead of their competition?

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