Looking for a creative way to get your foot in the door?

So—after weeks of searching and qualifying, you’ve found the perfect prospect. All you need now is a short face-to-face meeting to make this work. But after multiple calls, e-mails, and visits, you just can’t seem to get your foot in the door. You need a way to stand out… A way to make it worth their while.

BIGEYE, a Florida advertising agency and Orlando video production company, has been excited to work with this revolutionary new sales company called Complete the Pair.

With Complete the Pair, you’re a shoe in—literally. Here’s how it works! Simply visit their website and place an order for a pair of brand new shoes. Complete the Pair will send one shoe to your prospect and the other to you—both beautifully shrink wrapped in clear plastic. Try to get that lost in a stack of mail!

Attached to the prospect’s shoe will be a unique code and instructions directing them to the Complete the Pair website. Once the code is entered, they’ll see a personal message inviting them to “complete the pair” simply by attending a short meeting with you. More than likely, they’ll agree to it for two reasons—one is they’ll be excited to meet with someone like you who creatively thinks outside the box, and the other is to support a great humanitarian cause. Because once the shoes are reconnected and returned to us, Complete the Pair will provide a free pair of shoes to a person in need through Soles4Souls, a charity that has distributed over 19 million pairs of shoes in over 130 countries around the world.

When the cycle is complete, it becomes a fresh start for you and your new colleague and a new beginning for a person in need. And don’t worry—you won’t be violating any gift-acceptance policies. Nothing of value is left behind once the shoes are returned to their headquarters.

Attracting attention while making a positive difference has never been easier. So, step up! Visit and make an impression that goes further than ever thought possible.

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