Music and Advertising: A marriage that withstands the test of time

We all know that the music industry is constantly changing. From records, to 8 tracks, CDs to MP3s, music will continue to evolve and keep up with the ever-changing forms of technology. One constant that remains is the use of music in the advertising industry. Whether you hear a jingle on the radio or the chorus to a pop song in a commercial, advertisers will always use music to influence the emotions and preferences of their audience.
Why would an advertisement want to use music to promote their product or tell their story? In some cases it’s to provide some type of entertainment along with the ad and keep the viewer’s interest piqued. In other situations, an advertiser may use music specifically popular with their target demographic. An even simpler example is using a top-of-the-charts song to associate a brand or product with something that is already popular.

Here are some examples of different ways music influences advertising and in some cases the advertising industry influences music.

Many advertisers will work with independent bands and emerging artist by featuring their songs in their ads. The television commercial is the new music video. This isn’t a new concept, however. During the 2000s Apple was using new artists to promote their products.

Advertising also has an effect on music. By having the opportunity to get their music in front of a much larger audience than ever before, some independent bands will find success by having their music used in ads. For example, “We Are Young”, by the band Fun had a number 63 hit. After being featured during the Super Bowl for a Chevy ad the song made it quickly to number 3 then spend a few weeks at number 1.

In the case of the famous 1971 “Buy the world a Coke” ad, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony)” a song created by the advertisers was written. The song become so popular it was re-recorded by The New Seekers as a full-length song and became a hit record reaching number 1 in the UK and 7 in the U.S.

You can’t discuss music in advertisements without the jingle. Fun fact: This jingle was written by Barry Manilow.

The way music has become available by so many different means recently (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, etc.) is also being recognized by the advertising world. Which is why one popular way to grab the attention of potential smart phone consumers is to showcase music within the media players.

Music has consistently influenced the advertising world and as of more recent, the advertising world influenced the music industry. Where do you think the relationship between music and advertising will go in the future?

Written by, Sarah Hall ~BIGEYE Creative, Designer

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