My BIG Break At The Coolest Place To Work, BIGEYE

Many people say to cherish your college years because it’s the best four years of your life. Without a doubt, my experience at Florida State University was jam-packed with unforgettable experiences, new endeavors, embarrassing moments and of course, tons of new skills and knowledge. As I walked across the stage at graduation (without tripping), I felt accomplished to say the least. I now have a degree from the College of Business, with majors in marketing and finance and a minor in communications.
But was that enough? Nope, not for me. I was ready to take on the professional world and start my career, but after tons of sent resumes and uninspiring interviews I felt a little helpless. That is, until I found an opportunity through my big sister from my sorority, Nicole, new employee/previous intern at Covenant Communications. I researched the Orlando advertising agency and found that it was straight up my alley and something I wanted to pursue. After I met with Justin, and after Nicole put in a few good words, I was offered the internship.

That brings me to today. After a couple weeks as an intern I’ve had quite a unique experience and I already find myself at home, literally (the office is a converted house). Because we are in downtown Orlando, a prime location for pedestrians to stroll around Lake Eola, we see many random activities outside of the office. From people walking on stilts, to a lady walking around with a hula hoop around her waist, we just never know what the next day’s entertainment will be. Aside from the strange activities and sightings we see on pretty much a day-to-day basis, BIGEYE Creative has been a rewarding place to work. The team has been more than welcoming. As a close-knit group, we get to know each other during office lunch dates, shuttle launches (well, sort of) and whatever reason we think of to have a celebration.

Since Covenant Communications was in the final stages of re-branding to BIGEYE Creative when I came onboard, I immediately started working on proofing website copy and creating developer documents. Soon enough it was D-day. I helped Nicole set up the BIGEYE launch party. The “step and repeat” was a hit, the catered lunch was delicious and Biggie caught almost every pedestrian’s eye. All we needed was a red carpet and people would have thought we were premiering a movie.

I also had the chance to meet several clients during my time here, and I’ve noticed the great relationships we have with them. This close rapport and one-of-a-kind work environment makes this internship a ten out of ten, and it’s only the third week.

So, shout-out to Nicole! As my BIG, you always have your EYE on my best interests. I’m excited to be a part of the team at BIGEYE Creative and I’m ready to learn more.

We would love for you to join this BIG tight nit family as well, contact us here to learn more about us!

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