Juliet said it best, “what’s in a name?” Well, there is a lot

I don’t know about you, but here at BIGEYE we’re pretty glad the rapture didn’t happen. For the past few months we’ve been immersed in the rebranding process, and it’s finally paid off. We’d like at least a few months to enjoy the fruits of our labor. October should be just fine.
In all seriousness though, if you’re looking for a good team-building exercise for your company, I recommend rebranding. It’s cool to see an office come together to work on one project with goals and excitement and anticipation. I think we have an even greater appreciation for one another now that we’ve had to help and encourage each other towards one goal. Each person’s role was vital for fueling this process.

It all started with our name. You wouldn’t believe how many ideas we had. Each of us had to come up with three possibilities to put on our conference room whiteboard. Then, we took a vote and crossed out the ones we disliked—old school, red pen style. After days and days of filtering, the executive decision was made on “BIGEYE Creative.” It was fun and quirky, but it also got our point across: we have a “big eye” for creativity and the ability to see the bigger picture.

Of course we had to go through all of the copyrighting and legal processing, but with our name finally set in stone, we began brainstorming design concepts. Our genius graphic designers created a page-full of mascot ideas, but the majority of the house fell in love with Biggie. Colors, fonts, styles and an overall feel for our new site was made. And with that, the rest of us quickly got to work on copywriting, editing and formatting the pages to come.

Our efforts weren’t limited to our website, though. We gave our house a little bit of a face-lift, with some fresh landscaping, a couple of Adirondack chairs, and a new orange awning to incorporate our colors. We’d love a visit if you haven’t seen it yet.

So much more goes into rebranding than I ever knew. It’s been an incredible experience to take part in, especially as an intern. We sort of took a walk in our clients’ shoes (not literally, don’t worry) and felt the excitement of secretly planning and working together to create something new and altering. The best part is that we get to continue helping others enjoy this process as well.

Check out how our hard work paid off here!

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