New Twitter profile pages help brands spell #success

If you’ve been following Twitter (no pun intended), then you already know that the company is on the cutting edge of innovative concepts for brands and marketers. Marketing experts latched on to the benefits of Twitter when it first began blossoming into popularity in 2006, and have maintained real-time communication with fans and allies through the digital platform’s interface, which is designed specifically to engage with the short attention spans that signify the digital age.
As the need for innovative marketing solutions continues to evolve, so too does the need to leverage these platforms to create positive brand experiences. That’s why our Orlando advertising agency loves Twitter’s new enhanced profile pages, which are customizable to help brands tell their stories faster than you can add a hashtag.

These days, an active Twitter profile is a necessary component of a multi-platform digital marketing campaign, not to mention a landscape rife with opportunity for marketers to learn about their fans’ interests and address customer service issues in an instant.  In many ways, Twitter is superior to other social networks, due to its ability to offer real-time communication and responses in addition to featured content placement through the new brand pages paired with geo-targeted sponsored Tweets.  The new pages add to the interactivity of the branded experience, with features that allow you to customize your brand page skin to make it stand out amongst the Twitter-verse. They also now allow for a large profile header for a prominently displayed a brand photo, which will appear as the background of your brand profile photo, Twitter handle and 160-character bio.

Perhaps most importantly, Twitter brand pages support a free Promoted Tweet function at the top of the page.  This pin allows Twitter page viewers to see the Tweet first as they follow your feed, so your social media team can refer back to it and point followers to it with ease. The new features also allow brands to pin multiple Tweets, and will display the most popular one at the top of the feed.

[quote]Because of Twitter, thousands of brands have been able to expand the scale of their business by being able to better communicate with fans, clients and critics through short and simple messages.[/quote] As always, the key to Twitter success is to deliver high-quality, interesting content that with engage your brand’s community to leave them with a positive impression, which will spread brand awareness and ultimately result in increased sales and conversions.

One of our Florida marketing agency’s favorite examples of a Twitter brand page success is @GQMagazine. The flashy backdrop of the page offers an eye-catching interactive experience.  The page designers took advantage of the new features, offering class and style in the way that only GQ can.

@Starbucks also takes advantage of the dynamic new features by showcasing a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee on the background skin of the page.  The highly visual page header shows rows and rows of fresh coffee grounds, for a page so good you can almost smell it.

The @TodayShow page header is highly visual, featuring photos of the hit program’s cast assembled as a collage, which is contrasted against the brightness of The Today Show’s logo. This highly visual representation draws a reader’s eye directly to the header, buying valuable seconds in the amount time that the reader spends on the page looking at the photos.  The background is set to The Today’s Show’s standard light orange color, with a design incorporated into the skin.

Each of these demonstrates the innovative ways in which brands are latching on to the developmental offerings that Twitter continues to build to better support businesses and help them grow.

As one of the leading Orlando ad agencies, we are committed finding innovative ways to use social media in digital marketing campaigns, bridging the gap between digital communication and offline consumer relationships.  With technological breakthroughs such as Twitter’s new brand pages, combined with social strategy tailored to suit your needs, our Orlando advertising agency is committed to developing successful campaigns for any budget.

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