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A year ago, Pinterest blew up into popularity so fast that even the founders themselves were astounded.  However, a leading question on everyone’s mind revolved around a single question: how could the Internet’s pin board help drive revenue?
Pinterest continues to grow in popularity because it offers a visual approach to daily inspiration.  Particularly popular among adult women, a coveted demographic in the digital marketing space, Pinterest is almost an unexpected success in the tech world.

As people are predominantly visual beings, it makes sense that these images offer daily inspiration.  Many brands seek to use Pinterest to capitalize on this, pinning photos of visually-interesting items and offering track back features that allow people to purchase those items directly from the website.  Even here at our Florida marketing agency, we use Pinterest to help showcase inspirational design.

Recently, the company introduced Pinterest for Business, a profile model that stands apart from a personal Pinterest profile.  Typically, when companies develop pages specifically for brands, they enable brands to engage with followers in ways that are not available to personal accounts.  For example, Twitter brand pages allow customized skins and prominent graphic placement, and Facebook offers brands broader opportunities for sponsored posts and features like multiple page administrators and weekly data roundups.  [quote]With Pinterest’s launch of new business pages, it is essentially offering evidence that it is taking the first steps toward creating a possible revenue-generating platform for its company.[/quote]

Pinterest launched its business pages alongside several case studies of how some companies have successfully used Pinterest to help lead to customer acquisition, retention and conversion.  For instance, Etsy, an eBay-like service for people who sell crafts and other artistic goods, uses Pinterest to help showcase members’ products.  This helps members generate sales and thereby helps to keep the Etsy marketplace growing.

Jetsetter, a flash sales travel site, helps lead promotions by engaging its followers through Pinterest.  The company encourages brand supporters to post their most inspiring travel ideas, which helps them involve their community.  During one promotion, Jetsetter invited a team of celebrities to name the top pinners, who won prizes accordingly.  Participating pinners pinned more than 50,000 pins in one month.

Finally, there’s the gluttonous guilty pleasure site AllRecipes.  AllRecipes is a go-to spot for the best ways to cook anything from kale to Rice Krispies Wreaths.  Marketers are generally aware of the fact that images often inspire action, and this is tactic is probably most effective when it involves food.  For years, advertisers and marketers have been able to capitalize on the comforting sensations that people experience when faced with aesthetically-pleasing food.  AllRecipes uses their food photography and the Pinterest platform to help their community share recipes through repins, as well as to drive traffic back to their site so that people could find even more meal recipes.

As the Pinterest business pages continue to develop, we will doubtlessly continue to see innovation in how brand pages leverage the Pinterest platform to help make the best user experience possible…. the team at our Orlando marketing agency is “Pinterested” to see what the next generation of business pages holds.

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