Read about the SEO Orlando & the Bing v. Google Debate

The Bing v Google debate is a long running debate that encompasses the effectiveness of both of the major search engines. For a marketing firm Orlando, the importance of this debate can not be ignored. When dealing with SEO Orlando, it is important to determine which search site is the goal for increasing page views and search rankings, as one rank does not necessarily transfer to another. BIGEYE Creative understands the differences between the two and how they effect sales.

What is Google in Relation to SEO Orlando?

Googles search engine bot is called Panda. It bases its finds on relevance, keywords listing and usefulness of content. Google is also the larger search engine, with 80% of consumers turning to Google first when seeking a product or service. There are many benefits to focusing advertisement on Google, however, competition is fierce and it is very hard to make it to the top ten pages without a very focused SEO Orlando campaign. BIGEYE Creative can create that campaign.

What is Bing in Relation to SEO Orlando?

Bing is very similar in the way it locates content. However there is one key difference. Spammers tend to focus less on Bing search results and instead focus their marketing campaign on Google. Because of this, a marketing firm Orlando may be better served with focusing their products on the less competitive Bing pages and it will probably be easier to reach the top ten search results. However the downside to this is Bing has far less users than Google.

SEO Orlando Should Focus on Both

BIGEYE Creative, a marketing firm Orlando, will focus on both search engines and work to increase search rankings on both pages at the same time, rather than work with just one. This helps a product reach more viewers so key market segments are not lost in the shuffle. When using SEO Orlando, if the focus is on quality articles, the search results will easily follow.

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