Read why your apartment complex needs direct mail services

In a world that’s always on, people are starting to feel nostalgic for the good ol’ days. Just look at the fashion retail industry for evidence. When the ability to buy and sell clothes online exploded into the market, e-commerce drove more than one brick and mortar retailer out of business. Today, many e-commerce sites are expanding into the “real world” and increasing their physical footprint. Why? Because the average consumer wants a balance. And this is especially true in the real estate business. That’s where direct mail services come in.

Your apartment complex needs direct mail services because leases are signed and deeds are written once all practical needs are met and emotion takes over. Direct mail can quickly break through the clutter of the many other qualified complexes, properties, and buildings you are competing against to convey the emotional elements behind your brand.

If you’re a luxury high rise, you might invest in some matte black, heavily weighted invitations to visit your sales center. If you’re focused on filling your urban-industrial lofts with millennials and hipsters, maybe something a little more rustic or bespoke will do the trick. Either way, you just captured your future residents’ attention. From there, you can send them across marketing platforms to your website, social media accounts, or directly to your property.

Direct mail marketing feels personal.

We aren’t talking about the old spray and pray method. We’re talking about direct mail that targets potential residents based on zip code and lifestyle indicators. When your brand combines the power of big data with direct mail advertising, the results can make your customers feel like you are inviting them home … to their home. Extend the same methods we’ve shared about targeting online into the physical world to surprise and delight your audience into taking action. It’s important to work with a creative services agency to ensure what you are sending is highly relevant and personal in order to be effective, so click here to learn more about how we can help.

Direct mail services help engage residents before they start looking.

One of the biggest benefits of a bulk mailing service is that you can capture future residents’ attention before they even start looking. Creative, personalized material can plant a positive seed about your brand before your would-be residents begin comparing your offerings against others. This helps differentiate your brand or give you advanced consideration over your competition when it’s time for the resident to begin honing in on the types of amenities and locations they need. This is especially important for emerging or repositioning units or in highly saturated markets.

Direct mail might feel a little old school, but it can be a digital marketer’s best friend in the real estate industry. Residential transactions still rely on face-to-face interaction, so using direct mail to augment your digital presence can help bridge the gap between customers who are used to completing everything online and the industry’s evolving needs. Set up a consultation to see how we can help you reach your audience with direct mail.  

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