Social Media Retention Tips for Property Development Marketing

Property development marketing with social media can help keep current residents engaged as well as bring in new ones. Learn how with our 10 tips.

Property development marketing should do more than attract new renters; it should also retain loyalty from current tenants. After all, it’s almost universally true that retaining customers costs less than bringing in new ones. Besides, at least some satisfied residents will probably help spread news about the property to their own connections. Social media can provide the perfect platform to keep residents updated and engaged in their property.

Ten multifamily marketing agency tips to use social media to retain residents

People tend to check their social media daily, and even more, they spend quite a bit of time doing it. As an example, average users spend about 40 minutes a day on Facebook, according to Marketing Land. They visit social sites to check up on friends and family, research businesses, and even get their news.

That’s why apartment marketing should include some of these social media retention ideas in their tool kits.

1. Respond to resident messages

Today’s social media users often feel more inclined to message via social media than to pick up a phone and call. Encourage contact via messaging on social pages. In turn, ensure somebody monitors these pages and can provide timely responses.

2. Publicize community events

Community events provide a great way for residents to connect with each other and their property management. Even if the property doesn’t hold its own events, it’s still a good idea to promote events in and around the surrounding community. If the property intends to get a booth at a local festival, for instance, make sure to invite residents to stop by for a free keychain or bottle of water.

3. Hold contests on social media

Contests can generate a lot of excitement and, of course, attract more followers to a property page. Prizes could include local business gift cards. In fact, some local stores and restaurants might even donate gift cards to help promote their own business, and that can reduce the costs of running the contest considerably.

4. Share apartment notices and updates

If the pool’s closed for maintenance or landscaping needs to take care of a fallen tree, share this kind of news on social sites. Since renters may spend more time on social sites than they do looking at their email inbox, this can provide a great way to make sure people know abut it.

5. Provide a community guide

Besides promoting local festivals or other events, keep people engaged by sharing interesting things around the surrounding area. Some topics could include top seafood restaurants or nearby parks and day trips. Even though these kinds of posts won’t directly promote the property, they will help promote the community and help keep residents interested in the property’s content.

6. Share news about residents and staff members

With permission, some residents and onsite staff members might want to share news about having a baby, getting married, winning an award, or even involvement in worthy causes. This will help staff and residents get to know each other, and some people might appreciate the help spreading good news.

7. Share vacancies

Even though this campaign might mostly focus on retention, it can also help generate some word-of-mouth marketing. Some residents may have friends who need an apartment or even want to upgrade to a larger unit. Marketing for property developers can incorporate both acquisition and retention in a very synergistic way.

8. Gather information

Instead of only sending surveys by email, consider using social media to run quick polls get get quick answers. Residents will appreciate having their opinions count, and these polls can provide a simple way to learn which areas need improvement and which upgrades to prioritize.

9. Promote social media pages

Help the property discover the social media pages by mentioning it on new resident materials, the website, and on email communication. Include a quick message to let people know that they can benefit by getting prompt updates about the property, a chance to enter contests, and so on.

10. Post consistently

Countless studies have demonstrated that businesses can keep social site users engaged by posting regularly. Even the algorithms of social sites may tend to favor pages with regular posts and engagement. To make social media an effective part of property development marketing, post at least two or three times a week.

Start by defining goals and making a plan

Any effective multifamily marketing agency will begin by figuring out measurable goals for their social media campaign. An obvious example might include retention rates, overall satisfaction, or word-of-mouth referrals . Then create a plan to develop social posts that help support this goal and ensure somebody will monitor the page for messages. This plan might start with a content calendar, but it needs to have enough built-in flexibility to include urgent updates.

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