The Power of the Return Customer in Resort Marketing

From the time we’re young, many of us can remember traveling to a resort with the family. Some of us went only as far as Disney, others went to the beaches of North Carolina or California, and some even traveled abroad, either on cruise ships or possibly the ever-popular overseas trip to Europe.
For many, this annual trek to a destination elicits memories and emotional appeal: everyone is having fun, they’re all happy, and they seem to let the real problems of the world slide away from them –  if only for a little while.

For many of us here at our Orlando ad agency, these vacations had us staying at the same resorts year after year. This was always because we had a great experience once, and the resort became a reminder of the memories brought about by a fun family vacation.

In an era where we’re clouded by so much distraction, it seems much harder to get people to fall into the patterns we call traditions. That’s why resort marketers must take note: the most important customer you have is the loyal one. Loyalty is earned; people may be able to get better deals or better views elsewhere, but they keep coming back to your business because they know the resort they’ve chosen will always offer an excellent experience.

Resort marketing is all about increasing the number of return visitors, and to do this, marketers should always remember to appeal to the emotions of their audience. Is the resort clientele typically young families? If yes, then it’s important to ensure the marketing emphasized the breadth of children’s activities, as Disney resorts do so well. Or, if the resort prides itself in romance, then advertising the benefits of the romantic getaway will inevitably lure couples to the destination. Showcasing these benefits through advertisers and email marketing will help people make the choice to return to the resort by leveraging their emotions to help them decide it’s time to get away from it all.

In order to ensure the visitor will return to a particular resort over choosing a competitor, it is imperative to make sure that person has a great experience, and that the stay was directly in line with the individual’s expectations. Cruise lines are great at this, offering unbeatable service and luxury in order to entice visitors to return for future cruises.[quote]Some people go on numerous cruises each year, all on the same cruise line they’ve come to love.[/quote]

Another great way resorts can ensure repeat visitors is by incentivizing their return. Offering discounts and upgrades through loyalty programs is a great way for resorts to continue to improve the experience with each visit. Additionally, by offering incentives to the customer, the customer is more likely to spread the word and invite others to join, which leads to more business for the resort as a whole.

Resorts that offer incentives for return visits are saying, in essence, “Thank you for choosing us.” That statement makes a bold declaration about the brand and leaves a lasting impression on customers. Therefore, our Florida advertising agency suggests resort marketers capitalize on loyalty by offering exclusive offers to previous visitors, as well as encouraging them to participate in loyalty programs for more rewards down the road. Because who doesn’t love it when they’re made to feel special?


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