When did biometric monitoring become a real marketing tool

Biometric measurements are being used by some of today’s most savvy and forward thinking marketers. You’ve probably even experienced biometric marketing without thinking twice about it. Think: Snapchat’s facial filters that conveniently transport you into a cool, new nightclub or morph your face into the villain from this Halloween’s creepiest thriller. Those are all biometric marketing techniques to get you to notice and connect deeper with a brand or product.
At BIGEYE, we believe it’s important to stay ahead of the competition because you simply can’t reach everyone at once. Instead, by engaging with those you do, you’ll boost chances of creating a meaningful and mutually beneficial customer relationship. Here’s how you can start preparing for the increasing use of biometric marketing:


There are a few easy ways to use biometric measurements to your advantage today. The amazing part is that these tools are highly effective, but relatively low tech to implement.

1. Eye tracking software: Eye tracking monitors the movement and focus of users eyes as it relates to various pictures, products, or website elements. Scientists have been able to create an eye tracking algorithm over the years. It mimics what the average eye will do when scanning your advertisement or website. Companies, such as EyeQuant, are able to scan your creative assets with 80-90% accuracy and highlight what the average user would focus on. You can even adjust the filter to see what a first time visitor might look at versus what a brand-familiar user might focus on. Eye tracking helps you highlight issues with your user experience and information architecture quickly and easily in order to prioritize your creative updates. This is especially helpful for website testing and quick site fixes.

2. Body language and facial expression analysis: These tools aren’t just helpful in criminal investigations. Body language and facial expression analysis allow marketers to understand the emotional response to your creative assets. This qualitative insight can help you understand whether what customers are feeling matches what they say, and capture first impressions. One of the easiest and best ways to accomplish this is by hiring a biometric expert to sit in on a focus group experience. You can ask a small group of customers or would be customers to participate in a focus group. There your face and body language expert assesses their responses and behavior.


If you’re in the tourism and hospitality, retail, or security industry, staying on the cutting edge of biometric monitoring is especially important. These industries rely on our ability to accurately understand and identify human emotion or behavior. As biometric monitoring becomes more routine, it will help dramatically improve and enhance the customer service experience. Biometric monitoring allows us to anticipate our customers’ needs and serve them experiences they will genuinely enjoy.

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