Why Great Website Design is Crucial to Your Business’ Success

Meet Johnny. Johnny is a typical guy, and like most typical guys, he loves Chinese food. Johnny goes on Google to find a new place to order his favorite dish, Kung Pao chicken, and finds two Chinese restaurants with similar menus and prices. He clicks on the website for the first, and finds pixelated photos scanned in from the 1990s, alongside a nonfunctional design and numerous typos. He then clicks on the website for the second, and finds an easy to view menu, delectable photos of food that make his mouth water, and even an automated ordering feature. Which one do you think Johnny’s going to choose?

If Johnny doesn’t choose the second, then it’s because he’s nuts, and you probably shouldn’t take Johnny’s advice for anything, ever. Most people would choose the second, because a well-designed website speaks to a business’s credibility, attention to detail and emphasis on creating a superior customer experience. Website one offers none of that, and while the restaurant may still stay in business, it’s losing substantial potential income and new customers based on its owner’s refusal to put a few dollars into a rebranding and redesign of its website. The team at our Orlando advertising agency can attest to the fact that companies that invest in engaging and interactive websites see a high return on investment relative to their competitors.

A website says a lot about a company. It’s an online residence, so to say, where you house everything you believe in about your company. And, like any residence, you can choose to live in a run-down shack, or you can choose to live in an ultra-modern smart home with sleek design and all the fixings. Of course, one might cost you a bit more–but the team at our Florida marketing agency promises you that more people are going to want to visit you at your state-of-the art residence than in a virtual shantytown.

[quote]BIGEYE redesigned Arsenal Venture Partners’ website to serve as an informative and interactive platform for consumers. Check out how their business benefited from the new website design![/quote]

This analogy goes far in explaining why functional website design is essential for the success of your business. It’s your online identity, and for many people who find your business through search engines, it’s their first introduction to your business. And you only have one chance to make a first impression.

If that’s not enough reason to reconsider your website design, then also think about the role that SEO plays. Search engines send “spiders” out into the Internet to track down new websites. These spiders electronically pick up on keywords and phrases to help direct people to sites like yours when they key in words such as Johnny’s search terms: “Best Chinese food Orlando.” Optimizing your website to focus on these words is a good first step, but the spiders also rely on algorithms that look at headings, page location, abuse of keywords and lots of other things in order to make sure that your site is a valid match. The algorithms are constantly in flux, but the best-designed sites hone in on the key drivers to help search engines find their sites.

Does your online residence need some remodeling? Then let our Orlando advertising agency help you build and rebrand your website to help you drive people through SEO and ensure higher click-through rates once they find you. Contact our team of website design experts today!

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