Why Richard Simmons Would Love Our Motion Graphics Work

If you’re looking for motion graphics that bounce, pop, and just work, you could do worse than to draw inspiration from Richard Simmons.

When someone says “motion graphics,” the campy exercise guru Richard Simmons may not be the first thing to pop into your mind. But when it comes to finding motion graphics that work, he just may be the ultimate standard bearer.

The basics of motion graphics

In the modern digital environment, the term “motion graphics” refers to a specific genre of animation that bridges the gap between tradition moving pictures and graphic design. It has proven highly successful in the marketing and public relations sectors for communicating to audiences in a captivating and easy-to-watch manner.

According to high-tech thought leader and motion graphics authority Michael Betancourt, the history of motion graphics date back to the Futurist painters of the early 1900s, who created experimental films with a firm emphasis on graphic design. Over the next century, marketers developed commercial motion graphics that seamlessly blended textual elements with music and/or sound effects in order to further targeted branding and adverting campaigns.

Listing primary examples of commercial motion graphics, Betancourt points to television commercials with their animated logos/graphics and the moving title sequences of feature films. But in both the fine art world and the consumer marketplace, motion graphics rely on “the aesthetic principles that organize and structure the relationship of image to soundtrack originates with…color music” – a synesthetic art form that “established the ways that sound and image can be related to each other in a visual medium such as motion pictures.”

Although the line between motion graphics and full animation has never been clearly drawn, the look and feel of modern motion graphics are immediately recognizable to anyone who has been exposed to digital media over the past several years. Essentially animated graphic design, motion graphics almost always combine voice-over narration a wealth of words/symbols to allow viewers to learn visually and aurally at the same time. The independent technology news and information platform Lifewire outlines the power of motion graphics as “purpose-driven pieces with the goal of presenting information to the viewer through the use of animated text or graphics” and “voice-overs narrating what the text or graphics are representing.”

What should good motion graphics look and sound like? Think Richard Simmons!

Although he has largely disappeared from the public eye for the last several years, Richard Simmons is an unmistakable media personality with a distinct style all his own. In fact, his unique personality and approach to spreading physical fitness to the masses have a lot in common with quality motion graphics work.

Here are just a few traits that colorful exercise guru Richard Simmons shares with the outstanding motion graphics of the BIGEYE marketing agency:

1. Bounciness

Describing the look and feel of motion graphics, Lifewire asserts that they typically employ a “very fluid, bouncy animation style.” Lifewire goes on to cite the use of “snazzy transitions” and “dynamic movement” – two characteristics that simply scream Richard Simmons! Without this kind of busy visual engagement, viewers are likely to begin to “zone out” as they listen to the narrator drone on.

2. Bright Colors

Although most motion graphics have a sophisticated look and an elegant appeal, they also typically use vivid color palettes that match the bright workout clothes and colorful personality of Richard Simmons. When it comes to informing and educating viewers, the bright colors of motion graphics both capture attention and keep it.

3. Musical

As detailed above, music is an absolutely essential component of motion graphics. And anyone who has ever seen “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” knows that Richard Simmons knows how to integrate music and active visuals.

4. Instructional

As entertaining as Richard Simmons might be, the real reason to watch him is to get or stay in shape! Like good motion graphics, he has a real knack for wrapping detailed instruction in a positive, likable, and easy-to-understand package.

5. Fun

The bottom line when it comes to Richard Simmons: he manages to make exercise fun. In a similar vein, motion graphics are an exceptionally effective tool for anyone who wants to transform dry, boring content into an entertaining, engaging experience.

Getting professional help

If you want fun, informative, eye-catching, and attention-commanding motion graphics that even Richard Simmons would appreciate, contact Bigeye today. In addition to our achievements as a motion graphics company, we have all the state-of-the-art tools and innovative vision that you need to drive a comprehensive and competitive modern marketing campaign.

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