Why you need a content marketing agency (for real)

You’re busy, you know it, your employees know it, your investors know it – errybody knows it. This is why you need a content marketing agency (for real).

Rules change

When it comes to online content, everything is really defined as ‘best practices’ as opposed to hard-and-fast rules. And knowing the ins and outs of these practices, particularly which ones to follow or ignore, is pretty much a full-time job, especially since Google and Facebook keep changing their measurement methods for how businesses are being ranked and noticed. So even if you think you had these processes nailed a few years ago, you better bet those methods have already changed. And, if you’re following all of the old “rules,” you could actually be penalizing your business in Google’s eyes. This is probably the biggest reason why you need a content marketing agency. It’s ultimately our job to make sure we’re up to date on all of this madness, and it’s ultimately your job to keep your customers happy and your business running.

Avoiding future costs

Along with knowing how to “do” SEO properly, a content marketing agency also knows how to navigate other digital minefields – like losing followers on your social media channels because you’ve over-posted ads to the wrong audiences. Content marketing agencies can also advise on what mistakes are actually making your lose money, a serious risk if you use automated email or text messaging to connect with existing or potential customers but don’t have full authorization to contact them. Let’s not even mention the additional costs that as a consumer you’ll pay top dollar for, whereas a content marketing agency will most likely be given insider pricing.

Reports out the wazoo

Let’s just pretend that you love making sense of trackable data (which we damn well know, you do not), what are you supposed to do with all that data once you have it? CPC’s, bounce rates, referral traffic, what does it all MEAN!? A content marketing agency can load you up with all kinds of analytic information that’s been analyzed and strategized. They can analyze your performance down to a finite detail, where visitors are coming from, where they’re dropping off, how often they’re staying, where they’re clicking, etc. Also, if you’re considering a large media spend on various digital channels, you’re probably going to want to see which ad is performing better, and why – soon. So that you can pivot as quickly as possible to ensure all of your allocated budget is being invested successfully. Seriously, what’s the point of investing high dollars if you don’t care to know, don’t know how to interpret, or don’t want to know about – the ridiculous amount of reporting. Let a content agency do that for you.

Multi-channel knowledge

You may know Facebook well, your spouse might know Twitter well, and your kids, they probably know Snapchat or Instagram a little too well. A business trying to be successful in today’s digital world needs the ability to connect with many channels at once, while also offering a unique presence and message for each one. It’s a constant balancing act because not everyone on a channel is an active user. You want to go where the audiences are, like Facebook, but also don’t want to ignore those who aren’t active on that channel. A content marketing agency is not only familiar with all current social media content channels (as well as have their pulse on what’s happening for the future), but know which ones are most important for driving YOUR customers to YOUR your business. Having a vast understanding of multi-channel knowledge is key to achieving an effective content marketing strategy, and seriously, you know you don’t have time for that.

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