Your digital revolution begins today: 5 things you must do in 2013

Each year, millions of people around the world use the celebration of the new year to purge and rebuild.  This year, while you’re hydrating that New Year’s Eve hangover with Gatorade while eating a greasy cheeseburger, it is also important to reflect on the things that you can do to help build your business.  Our Florida advertising agency team has come up with a number of strategies to help you evaluate the stakes for your digital revolution.

Make a Plan: No matter where you’re going, it’s a lot easier to get there if you have a path. No matter what your goals, you’ll get there a lot faster if you know what steps you need to take to achieve them.  Have a strategy for growth, a checklist of things you want to accomplish, and a solid idea of where you’d like to be on Jan. 1, 2014.  Throughout the year, don’t forget to frequently review your task list, which will keep you inspired to continue to pursue your goals throughout the year.

Go (More) Digital:  Still wasting hundreds of dollars each year sending out paper invoices and snail mail correspondence?  Move in to 2013 by implementing efforts to use digital services, which will help your company save money in the long term.  Paperless document management systems make it easy for everyone to go paperless (except, of course, our friends who work for Dunder Mifflin).

Stop Complaining: The reality is that, no matter how much you plan, some things are going to always come up that are beyond your control.  This is especially true if you are in a business or field that requires you to take risks.  However, people who take risks seek better rewards; a recent study of high school valedictorians showed that most were only moderately successful, as they chose the promise of stability over the risks and reward of entrepreneurial behavior.  [quote]When you feel down, it’s important to lift your head up, focus on the things you can change, and accept the things you can’t.[/quote]

Update that Old Computer or System:  A friend of mine has a boss who hasn’t changed his software accounting since 2005, with the argument that “it works.”  Well, that may be true, but these days, if you’re not investing in technology, you are probably costing your business (and your clients) time and money.  The system was inefficient, impractical and had a limited range to features relative to today’s accounting software.  These days, providers host many effective features through cloud services such as Salesforce, which can help you manage numerous tasks and projects at the same time, accessible from any location with WiFi.

Get Organized:  The longer you’ve been in business, the more likely you are to have dozens of folders scattered throughout your office, alongside random brochures, business cards and bills.  Take some time to go through your work, clearing out trash and making room for the things that are actually important.  The New York Times reports that there’s a link between clutter and mental health, giving you one more good reason to get organized in 2013.

Focus on these five tips, and watch your business scale in 2013.  The team at BIGEYE’s Orlando advertising agency wishes you the best of luck in the new year!

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