Your next hotel deal is here thanks to Facebook dynamic ads

Facebook dynamic ads help travel and hospitality brands get the word out about their destination and entice future guests with perks and experiences just a plane ride away. Facebook dynamic ads tailor content across devices and platforms to serve customers information about the locations, dates, flights, and destinations they have signaled to buy on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts participated in a case study for Facebook dynamic ads, boasting a 20% increase in revenue, a 34% decrease in cost per booking, a 55% increase in mobile revenue, and a 44% decrease in mobile cost per booking. In efforts to help more businesses achieve these results in partnership with us, we wanted to understand the four W’s that make this tool effective. We dug deeper into the what, why, when, and who to help you make an informed decision about whether Facebook dynamic ads are right for your business.

What: So what makes Facebook dynamic ads so special

At first glance, Facebook dynamic ads might simply seem like a retargeting campaign, but these ads pack a serious punch. These full-screen dazzlers are fully customizable. And if the lush, carousel photo option doesn’t catch your customers’ attention, strike-out pricing and promotion overlays, or real-time inventory updates certainly will. These ads are the closest thing a customer can get to actual search results without searching for themselves.

Why: Knowing why your customers browse leads to sales

Because Facebook uses hyper-specific user data to capture intent to browse or intent to purchase, advertisers can “set it and forget it” when using Facebook dynamic ads. The user funnel will adapt to fit the needs of the traveler based on new signals and the business based on live KPIs and inventory. By recognizing why a user is browsing, the ads can serve exactly what someone is looking for, or make related recommendations resulting in up- or cross-sales that would have never been possible otherwise.

When: Travel is time-bound … and your ads should be too

Have you ever seen a retargeted ad or special offer too late? Facebook dynamic ads automatically adjusts or turns off based on when users check-out date or flight times have passed. This tool keeps ads relevant, pleasing both the traveler who is seeing content personalized to their needs and the business that isn’t wasting money on travelers who already got back from their holiday.

Who: Personalization is key

Facebook dynamic ads can funnel clicks to a personalized landing page. In a sense, these ads become mini-travel agents that make the shopping process feel more curated or luxurious. Hotel brands can optimize based on location and price, recommend their sister properties if dates are sold out, or partner activities and attractions, giving the ads broader relevance to the consumer.

Like all strong advertising tools, you need to have inspiring content to go with it. If your hospitality brand needs a lift, we can help you create the Facebook dynamic ads campaign that will get you there and the content that will make it all worthwhile. Click here to learn more about our creative content services and how they can transform this next wave of highly personalized customer outreach.

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