10 tips for theme park advertising from a video production company

We may think SEO, retargeting, and CRM programs are a day in the park (pun intended), there is one tool that rules them all in the realm of fun: video production services. Because you’re selling an emotional experience, few tools can capture the unique customer experience of your product like a video production company. Our experts reveal their favorite way to bring theme park advertising to life through video.

1. A video production company will nail experiential marketing: It’s hard to describe the feeling of g-force making your eyes water as you fly down the first drop of a new rollercoaster. And it’s hard to describe that signature shade of cotton-candy pink that lets you know you’ve found your favorite concession stand. And it’s hard to describe the anticipation associated with the sound of pressurized hydraulic mist before lazy river riders get drenched. Web video production can. Video production is the heart and soul of experiential marketing in the digital age. Enough said.  

2. Transform user generated content into marketing collateral: No one can capture the amazing memories of a day at a theme park quite like your visitors. Using a video production company to polish and repurpose user generated content or to capture its essence and transform it into marketing content is the best way to let potential visitors in on all the inside jokes, sweet treats, thrills and spills waiting for them just inside your gate. Video contests, social media campaigns, and YouTube are only the beginning of the video production services you can use to showcase your best visitors and THEIR best moments. We love it when our customers do our work for us and you should too.

3. Unleash your newest rides: One of the things that keeps people coming back to theme parks again and again is new attractions. A good film production company can build anticipation, generate buzz, and cultivate an air of excitement around new features and rides. A video production company makes it easy to show off elements of a new feature without giving the entire experience away, building just the right amount of desire.

4. Tell your story: Web video production is one of the best, quickest, and most effective ways to tell your brand story. When people think of the Disney brand, their parks – and the vision of families interacting on site – are some of the most iconic images in the industry. When you use video to tell a brand story the way Disney does, your customers’ experiences aren’t just about a day in a theme park, they are about an entire narrative or lifestyle that will keep them coming back or sharing their experiences with others.

5. Good video is a four-year investment: One of the most common things our clients tell us is that they are worried about hiring a video production company because it will be too expensive and their assets will need refreshed too often. We are here to debunk that myth. Good b-roll footage of your park, brand assets, and story narrative can last anywhere between three and four years. It’s important to set expectations with your videography company upfront, so they can work both within your budget and time horizon to create the content you need.

6. Shh … it’s okay to use stock footage: A good film production company will help you understand where you can use stock footage and where it’s important to have brand-specific video clips. Blending both can help augment your existing photo and text base, and compliment your campaigns. Don’t worry, it isn’t cheating and almost everyone does it. The trick is doing it the right way. Your agency will help you blend stock and original footage so your results are always original, tasteful, and on message. And most importantly, within copyright guidelines.

7. Video is an SEO goldmine: Like images, video can play a huge role is boosting your SEO ranking. Work with your web video production company to properly tag, target, and post videos to maximize both exposure and SEO. Good video is not only shareable, but highly indexed by search engines. Because video also happens to be some of the most engaging content available, you win in more ways than one.

8. You can’t win in multi-channel marketing without video: Customers are learning about your brand on multiple devices, at multiple times, and sharing their attention with multiple assets. Video is a miraculous medium that can cross these channels and devices seamlessly and encourage prospective visitors to head closer to your point of sale. Work with your video production company to determine how video can drive sales and encourage guests to reach your website through a specific call to action or jump trigger.  

9. Side-by-side comparisons: One of the most fun ways to use video to promote your theme park is through side-by-side comparisons. Whether you want to show off your fun factor, appeal to adrenaline junkies, or bring families together, a dramatized comparison of your park to a regular day, or a head-to-head view of your competition should easily do the trick.

10. It’s a lot easier than you think: Last, but not least, using web production services is a lot easier than you think. No matter how new you are to the medium or what your budget is, your agency can work with you to tailor video assets to your exact needs. Click here to explore some of the videos we’ve work on for our clients. We recommend new video users try a hybrid of agency crafted material and hand-held DIY content to get started and grow together.

Video is fun and effective. It’s highly engaging. And one of the most consistently growing digital trends of 2017. The best part is that your customers are already digesting videos regularly, so you can easily capture their attention without working too hard. And if there’s one thing we wish for 2017 — it’s that we can help you work smarter, rather than harder.

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