Targeting multi-family property residents with SEO services

The top 4 reasons you need SEO services to unlock multi-family property marketing

When people search for multi-family property residences and real estate listings, first consideration often goes to … well… the first listings they find. This is especially true in regions where there is plenty of supply, or where first time lessees are entering the market. Having a dedicated SEO company can reduce your marketing cost by targeting the residents most likely to fit your property so you can get more with less. Here are the top four ways an SEO agency can help:

1. Let your SEO consultant be your guide: Instead of wondering which keywords to target, or what multi-family property residents are searching for, your SEO agency can do the heavy lifting. They use market research, digital targeting, and data to find the exact keywords residents in your area are using and then help you outrank your local competition based on those terms. They take the guesswork out of your search efforts and increase speed to market. In other words, they perfect that whole timing piece.

2. Your SEO agency knows how to repurpose content: Reduce, reuse, and recycle just got a new lease on life: your SEO agency can reduce staff, reuse content, and recycle marketing material that works. Many big real estate companies are churning out content at the speed of light. They are writing with Bing, and Google, and Yahoo search in mind. This puts small and medium sized businesses at a disadvantage when trying to market to multi-family property residents. SEO services agencies know how to adapt, repurpose, and augment your existing content and digital assets to get the most out of them and compete with the big guys. Whether transforming print materials and brochures into web-ready content, or creating turnkey templates that will engage your audience while quickly sharing critical property information, your SEO company can get the job done quickly and easily.

3. YES, images are great for SEO too: Many of our real estate clients know the value of a great picture (or ten). They are SnapChatting previews of new properties, creating social links for residents in multi-family properties, and showing rather than telling. The amazing thing is that all of these images can have a dramatic and positive impact on your search rankings. Many search engines weight images higher than text content, so having the right SEO services and tagging in place can make or break how your rankings show up. Let a SEO company demystify the process and set your website and social channels up correctly so that you can enjoy the benefits of the great work you’re already doing.

4. Your most shareable content can be your biggest asset: Your SEO consultant will also let you in on one of the best kept digital marketing secrets. Social media is good for SEO. Every time someone shares content from your site, links to your website on their blog, tweets your homepage, or shares your posts, you reap the benefits because search engines catalogue your content as highly relevant. Social media isn’t just fluff, it’s customer marketing. The important thing is making sure the right content is being shared, tagged, and back-linking with the right people and pages. An SEO agency can make sure this happens without relying solely on CPC campaigns and ads.

SEO services may not be as glitzy as videos, interactive pages, and 360 property tours, but they are powerful. Take the first step in making 2017 your best year yet by looking at some examples of our work and getting ahead of the competition. Those guys are so 2016.

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