4 Signs Your Bank (Really) Needs a New Print Production Agency

In a recent post, we shared why direct mail can be such a powerful marketing tool within the financial industry. … so now seems like a good time to remind you that having a strong print production agency to support these types of projects is not a thing of the past. BIGEYE is a digital agency, but we would never want to downplay the important role print assets can have on your multi-platform marketing experience.
In an effort to ramp up their digital footprint and avoid looking outdated, many banks and financial institutions have put print in the backseat or abandoned it all together. That being said, a healthy, well-rounded marketing strategy should always include a few tangible, print elements. This is especially important in educating new customers about your banking products and capabilities.

To get you started, here are four signs that your bank could use the help of a new print production agency.

Sign 1: You have no print assets

Well, it might go without saying … but if you don’t have any print assets, it might be time to get a new print production agency. Although digital banking and financial apps are very popular and have made leaps and bounds in terms of usability and – perhaps more importantly – security, risk adverse and traditional customers still crave the impression of privacy and exclusivity print materials can provide. There’s no question that many people don’t want to go to the bank to deposit checks anymore, or might want to receive all their statements online; but the market is filled with fickle customers. Those same banking clients can benefit tremendously from print material that educates them about their financial options or helps them understand their investments and accounts. These assets don’t need to replace your digital content, they should complement and support it. Let a print production agency help you understand where that balance lies and what types of print materials are most popular and effective.

Sign 2: Your brochures look like you made them on Microsoft Paint…

On the flip side, if you DO have print assets, but they look like something your intern created on Microsoft Paint in 1999, it’s time to hit the reset button. Forget about those trifolds and one pagers. There are so many more exciting print options available today than there were even three or four years ago. From unique business cards and tear aways, to laser cutting and foiling: if you’ve been away from the print game for awhile, you’re going to feel like you entered a brave new world. The best news is that many of the most eye-catching and customizable print options are very cost-effective. A print agency can help you understand what competitive banks are using, how it’s working, and where print makes sense in your broader marketing mix.

Sign 3: You don’t give specifics in print

Another way you can use a print production agency is to curate your content. One of the biggest reason print assets aren’t effective is because they don’t give enough relevant information to inspire potential banking customers to pick up the phone, log online, or head to your branch. In this highly regulated, and complex industry, it can feel counterintuitive to include too much content that might confuse or mislead customers. Let a content specialist help you translate all the technical details into something digestible and consumable that meets any and all guidelines your industry, while giving customers enough information to – well – even know what you’re talking about.

Sign 4: You don’t know how to link your digital efforts to print

Last, but certainly not least, you want all of the great work you’re doing offline to work for your online. And vice versa. A good print production agency will help you literally repurpose content or adapt material for web and traditional consumption. Design elements may be similar, but not identical. Wording may be similar, but not identical. And so forth.… and with banking, the details matter, even down to those last two decimal places.
Get to know our creative team and print specialists and reach out to learn more about how print can add an important educational and engaging element to your bank marketing strategy.

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