Apps that bleed – A new technology buzz that’s helping diabetes

We live in an age of convenience.  We can have a pizza delivered to our home in 10 minutes, we can order take out from every one of the nation’s largest chain restaurants, and we can order greasy cheeseburgers from drive-through windows at any hour of the day.
While there are benefits to these conveniences in society, junk food doesn’t come without a price.  Today, more than 26 million Americans live with diabetes, and the majority of them suffer from type 2 diabetes, which researchers link to high-caloric food consumption and sedentary lifestyle.

The digital landscape that we live in doesn’t always help.  It’s easy to get caught up with watching hours of TV at a time… did you know that if you watched the entire Lost TV series, you spent 90 hours in front of your television? That’s more 3.75 full days of your life – and that doesn’t even include time spent sitting through commercials.  There are also all kinds of other distractions such as video games, Facebook , chatting and email – time that people used to spend out in the world, being social with one another.

Our Florida advertising firm supports American Diabetes Month, and we believe that the digital era doesn’t have to be a burden to weight loss and blood sugar management.  In fact, there are numerous tools that can help people lose weight through technology.  If you are one of the people who battles type 2 diabetes, or even if you just want to take strides today to prevent diabetes in the future, our Orlando marketing agency has come up with some digital world ideas that can help you stay healthy and manage your blood sugar in the physical world.

WebMd’s Food and Fitness Planner: This tool offers personalized weight loss plans based on weight loss goals and exercise habits, making it an optimal tool for people just beginning the weight loss journey.

Nike Fuel Band: The Nike Fuel band takes weight loss and exercise, and turns it into a game.  Wear it to track your daily activity, and then connect with friends to compare your progress through a smartphone app.

Locavore: Generally, fresh foods are better for you than processed foods.  Locavore helps you choose the right ingredients for your meal by letting you know what’s in season, and using GPS to let you know the best places near you to buy locally grown, healthy foods.

Eat This, Not That! The Game:  This game makes dieting fun by letting you compare food options to help you determine which has the least adverse health impacts.  The results are sometimes surprising, and playing the game helps you think critically when trying to determine whether a McDonald’s chicken sandwich beats a fish sandwich.

Withings Body Scale: This innovate tool helps people to lose weight by connecting an electronic scale to a wifi Internet connection to show graphs of progress, track weight loss goals and help develop an overall fitness plan.

People who are able to successfully overcome the challenges that diabetes presents will live longer, healthier lives.  [quote]When weight loss and diet management seems like a challenge, it is important to look to the support of your loved ones who can help you with the process.  [/quote]Keep these ideas in mind as you commit to better health during American Diabetes Month.  The BIGEYE team is here to support you along the way.

If you need an app, look no further. Check out what our team of experts is capable of.

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