Bigeye’s National Pet Owners Study

May 2, 2023



Orlando, FL – BIGEYE, one of the leading marketing and advertising agencies in Florida, announces the release of their new 2023 National Pet Owners Study. The study, conducted in late summer 2022, aimed to gain insights into the behavior and attitudes of pet owners across the country.

The study was conducted through an online survey with 1,001 pet owners. The participants were selected from a diverse range of backgrounds and regions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Respondents were screened for pet ownership, buying responsibility, and an age range from 18 to 57.

The findings of the study reveal that ninety-seven percent of respondents reported that their pet is an important part of their family and they are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their pets’ well-being. This includes investing in high-quality pet food, taking their pets to regular veterinary check-ups, and caring for them like they are a child.

The study also found that social media plays a significant role in how pet owners interact with their pets. Fifty percent of respondents reported that they follow pet-related accounts on social media and use these platforms to seek advice on pet care and connect with other pet owners.

“We’re excited to share the 2023 US Pet Owners Study, providing valuable insights into the evolving nature of pet ownership. Our study explores consumer behavior, pet owners’ preferences, and the deep bonds we all share with our pets,” said Adrian Tennant, Chief Strategy Officer of BIGEYE. “My hope is that this information will support businesses in their innovation efforts to better meet the needs of pets – and their owners – today.”

To learn more about the findings of this study or to download a copy of the full report, please visit  


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