Create a Winning Content Marketing Game Plan With This Guide

It’s baseball season, and your whole family is excited to eat some peanuts and Crackerjacks while watching your home team hit home runs into the grandstand on a warm spring day.

Except, there’s a problem.  Your team is on a horrible losing streak, with no end in sight.  After a few games of watching loss after loss, the outing to the ball game seems like less of a big event, and like more of a chore.  Your children would rather stay in and play video games, and America’s pastime is starting to feel like your own waste of time.

Unfortunately, these are true realities for sports teams, burdened with the task of continuing to make money even when their teams are not winning games.  So how does the sports marker get you, the unhappy baseball fan, to continue coming to games, whereby you’ll presumably order overpriced nachos and Budweiser on draft, thereby continuing to spend even more of your hard-earned money on a losing team?

For sports marketers who are struggling with attendance, the experts at our Orlando advertising agency have come up with a few ideas to help your business thrive… even when your team isn’t.

Partner with Charities:  If you’re having trouble selling tickets, try partnering with charitable organizations to help get people in the seats.  The benefits are two-fold: first, partnering with charities is a great way to show your team’s commitment to your fans, and to your community.  Secondly, the tickets winners, who might not have attended the games otherwise, will be likely to share their fun experiences with their friends on social media.

Evaluate Your Brand’s Message: Is it about winning?  Or, is it more about having a good time, and getting a chance to bond with family?  Focusing on the feel good aspects of seeing a live sporting event is a great way to entice people to go out for some sunshine at the big game.

Run a Big Campaign:  Offering chances for spectators to win prizes is a great way to allow them to engage with your team’s brand.  The fun experience of having the chance to meet the players offers a lifetime of great memories, and people will line up to buy tickets for the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (or, even just a free calendar or other promotional freebie).

Partner with Deals Sites: If you’re having trouble filling seats at full cost, then consider selling them at discount prices.  Consider big daily deals sites like Groupon, but also consider local outlets that also offer deals, such as locally-focused blogs and newspapers.

Talk About the Other Team: If your team isn’t winning, then talk about the team that is.  Is your team about to face off against the series leader?  Build some suspense by advertising both teams.  That way, you can attract transplants who aren’t rooting for your local team, plus people who just want to see a good game.

Even if your team isn’t winning any awards, your marketing efforts still can. [quote] It’s important for sports marketers to think creatively, and to capitalize on all sorts of opportunities that work to bring in players. [/quote]

If you’re looking for more ideas to help ramp up sports marketing efforts for your team, contact our Florida advertising agency… we’re ready to help you hit a grand slam!

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