Using Google Apps for Non-Profits Is Changing the Game

Whether a nonprofit or for-profit company, business is business and both share many of the same needs and productivity issues. Not your traditional web host, Google Apps provides businesses with an integrated platform for email, document sharing, file storage, real time communication, scheduling solutions, website design and management. Google offers a combination of their greatest features and then some to businesses for a great price.

As an advertising agency based in Orlando, we have clients and freelancers all over the states that rely on basic information to function. We love Google Apps for it’s integrated business genius. The do-gooder company also currently offers these same features to purely educational companies and nonprofits for free. Check out the features and qualifications.

A Few Qualifications for Nonprofits:

  • Fewer than 3,000 employees
  • Available to U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Apply online to get a Google Apps for Education upgrade and other nonprofit offerings

Exciting Features:

  • Gmail
    • Email with advanced search capabilities, organization features, and ample storage that is usually better than a standard web hosting email package
    • Real time chat and video chat – great even if you are oceans apart from your team, you can still make it to the meeting on time.
    • Translate foreign language with the translation tab
  • Google Docs
    • Create documents, spread-sheets, presentations, and surveys compatible with Mac & PC platforms and without purchasing additional software like Microsoft Word.
    • Get rid of confusing email attachments and collaborate easily with other team members with real time editing capabilities.
  • Google Sites
    • Develop your own website via Google sites without knowing HTML.
    • Choose different design layouts, add pages, embed live calendars and documents etc.
    • Although the external sites are on the simple side, it’s great for nonprofits that are just starting out while they may be getting funds or searching for the right developer to design a professional site.
    • It’s also great to use as an internal site to improve operations and serve as a resource for employees.
  • Google Calendar
    • Keep deadlines, meetings, and schedules up to date and available to everyone.
  • Google Wallet
    • This safe and secure online “shopping cart” of sorts allows supporters to make donations easily and anonymously (if they choose).
    • Records all donation information to keep track of all donations.
  • Google Analytics
    • Track your website and other external online outlets with Google Analytics.
  • Google +
    • Join the integrated social media network to spread the word about your organization and connect with supporters.

Samasource is a prime example of a nonprofit using Google Apps for all it’s worth. This company acts as outsourcing agency for ecommerce and technology projects. It provides jobs for women and youth that don’t have the resources or chance to gain employment due to their poverty level. Employing over 2,600 workers since 2008, Samasource is able to deliver on their projects in an organized and efficient manner via Google Apps. One of their favorite call outs is Google Docs, in which employees can update a spreadsheet that records current client interactions  and project progress which is vital to productivity.

Considering that most nonprofits are working on tight budgets, with others on an international scale and with those that may not have access to certain computer software, Google Apps offers many solutions to these possible issues at no cost. Their motto: Increase your team’s productivity at no cost and get your nonprofit up and running in no time.


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