Physician Marketing Techniques to Help Grow Your Practice

Let’s face it – there are entire industries dedicated to physician marketing tactics.  Men and women across the country attend conferences to help learn about strategies for growing their practices.  But how many of these ideas are actually good?
If your current physician marketing strategy involves simply creating Facebook and Twitter accounts that you don’t use, then you may want to take some of these tips for marketing your physician practice.  These tried and true tips from our Orlando advertising agency can help you steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Make a Plan: Develop a strategic plan for your practice by setting goals for your business.  If you want to reach out to a particular demographic, then work to ensure that you’re reaching them where they are – and they may or may not be on social networks.  If they are, then target them where they’re active – young mothers may spend hours on Facebook, while you may be more likely to engage with professional organizations on Twitter.

Remember the End User: In the end, marketing your practice should be about your patients, whether prospective or returning.  The more you can connect to them directly, the more they will feel connected to you, and will feel inspired to return to you time and again.  

[quote] When developing a marketing strategy, think about your patients – would they rather see a vague marketing postcard mixed in with their junk mail, or would they instead prefer an appointment reminder to be sent to them from your office directly through Twitter? [/quote]

Blog about It:  It’s true that blogs require substantial effort to create and maintain, but particularly for physicians who love to write, blogging can be a great way to connect with your readers.  Loyal patients will almost always want to know your opinions on subjects directly related to your line of work, and will be interested in the news and things that are around your office.  Plus, building a blog is a great way to create search engine optimized content, so that your practice will appear early in Google searches related to your field of practice.

Be agile:  The term “agile” made our Florida advertising agency’s list of marketing buzzwords, and with good reason.  As the term implies, an agile marketing solution allows flexibility within your strategy.  Once you implement your strategy, pivoting courses allows you stay on top of trends to remain up with the times.  Mistakes are par for the course; if you’re not making mistakes, it typically means you’re not trying something new and innovative.  And, as the group at our Orlando ad agency knows, new and innovative is going to be what sets you apart from other physician practices.

As your practice continues to grow, you will likely see more and more of a need to adequately market your business.  If your business has an administrative staff, you may wish to train one of those individuals for the role of marketing coordinator to help oversee your company’s marketing efforts.  And, if you need to bring some fresh perspective to marketing your physician practice, our Florida marketing agency is happy to offer some additional ideas on making effective use of your marketing resources.

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