Creative advertising marketing strategies for your company’s Christmas in July

The holiday season is a make or break time for many businesses. Last year, overall spending during the months of November and December was roughly 10-percent higher than the rest of the year. If your business doesn’t flourish during these high spending months, it faces a significant competitive disadvantage during the rest of the year. All of which makes being prepared with creative marketing strategies that much more important for your brand.
The best digital marketers understand that it takes months of work to fully prepare for the holiday season. By taking a “Christmas is July” approach, you can help ensure that no opportunity goes unexplored during the hectic holiday months.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some creative marketing strategies you can begin implementing now to help prepare for the important months ahead.

Digital marketing

In digital marketing — as in just about everything else — preparation is closely tied to performance. So, what are some of the things marketers can start doing now to get ready for the critical holiday months? Consider the following:

  • Keyword and ideation preparation. It’s never too soon to start generating compelling Christmas content ideas. It’s not unusual to see a lot of derivative, shallow, or evergreen seasonal content published during this period, as agencies and businesses are often shorthanded or dealing with other pressing concerns. This presents marketers with an excellent opportunity to stand out from the fray by offering truly compelling holiday marketing that breaks the usual mold.
  • Select target and landing pages. You might be able to save time by replicating last year’s pages, assuming there isn’t too much difference in terms of keywords and other variables. Add fresh holiday content to your pages.
  • Refine your mobile strategy. Now is the time to figure out which messages or ideas resonate the most. Sharpen your focus by employing data analysis to learn what your customers are searching for.
  • Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.
  • As July rolls into August, begin the process of creating new content for the holiday season. Define and optimize high-value holiday target pages.
  • Finally, begin social media marketing and outreach campaigns.

The importance of partnering with the right agency

Creative resort advertising strategies play a critical role in holiday season business success. The best digital marketing agencies understand this, and prepare accordingly by taking a “Christmas in July” approach.

BIGEYE is a top Florida resort advertising agency with years of experience delivering the kind of creative marketing strategies that win the holiday season. If you’re seeking to invigorate your seasonal marketing efforts, we encourage you to contact us today.

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