Disposable to Uploadable: The digital world take over

Let’s think back to the days of disposable cameras and film rolls. In order to develop pictures we had to drive to the local convenient store or supermarket. After the pictures were developed, we would discover only half the batch of pictures were decent enough to keep. Finally, we would bring them home to cut and paste (no Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V functions allowed) to our favorite scrapbook or photo album. Sound exhausting? Maybe that’s because we’ve gotten used to the instant gratification of digital and mobile photography.
Ever heard of the term “mupload?” You won’t find this term in any ordinary dictionary. It was created by the online social world, meaning “mobile upload.” A simple click of a button on a mobile camera phone and your photo is instantly uploaded to the internet.

There are a ton of apps that have jumped on the mupload bandwagon. Instagram is one such app and it allows iPhone users to remotely upload, edit and share their photographs on social networks. Your friends, your family, the world, the online community or whomever you chose can see what you see at almost that exact moment. The internet is now your favorite scrapbook and you can cut and paste your pictures digitally to create a personalized portfolio of your memories as they happen.

So where does your instant artwork go? Online image and video hosting websites hold your photos on giant servers, commonly referred to as the elusive “cloud.” These websites then allow you to create your customized account to archive your gallery of memories. Flickr, Twitter and Facebook are just a few of the leaders in the online image industry.

The world of photography is changing. Businesses are now utilizing these websites to connect with their target markets, share photos, events and memories, build brand personality and increase brand awareness.

Want an example? Check out what the BIGEYE team is up to on our Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. In fact, market your business and engage your clients through your own image portfolio. We’d be happy to help you create you an online masterpiece. Contact us at info@bigeyecreative.com or 407.839.8599.

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